>My mother asked me to call her. When I did she was so worried about me. She asked if I am okay.. if I feel better. My sister last night asked the same thing too… I don’t know why they keep on asking it to me.

Just lately…. I feel stranged. I don’t know how to explain it but I just hope it’s just nothing…

The truth is I’m okay… but I feel something different. I don’t know but I’m sad but I don’t know the reason. I just feel it.

Pray for me… I need it.


Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is now open in Mega Mall. I’ve been waiting for it because I love the pasta and blended coffee. Though some of the products are not yet available in this outlet because they are still fixing it.

Since it’s end of the year, last night we clean our closets. We throw our old papers and receipts. It is always my routine to throw anything useless before the New Year. So I checked my father death certificate and I start missing him again.

It’s 5 days before Christmas and my family in Los Banos is coming. I am excited spending Christmas together.

All the gifts are ready as well as our holiday meal… Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

>I’m Still Here

>I’m still here…

Finally I got a new job and it’s full time but I don’t know yet if its for long term so while I have the task I have to focus on it.

I have two active full time work right now and I need to work 14 hours a day for me to finish my task on time. I had fun… easy job for now but need much of my time. I might be working until next week so meaning no holidays but of course I still have to go out with my family.. it is just a matter of time management.

Yesterday we went to Shangrila because we are craving for seafood soup. I also bought a new gladiator sandals, I will post picture next time.

After going out… I got hired for my new job.. at least I got a day off. Unpredictable talaga ang buhay ng freelancer. 😀

So Happy…

Here are some of our pics…

>Cooking Ideas #1

>I love eating but my problem is I don’t know how to cook. YouTube is a big help for me aside of cooking TV guide.

I like California Maki and I wanted to try it this holiday.

>Career Update

>I am still looking for additional task and I got some interview invitations but since it’s weekend I need to wait until Monday for the results of my application and I hope I’ll get a new one soon!

Well, for those of you who knows about PHP or CSS please leave a comment because my client is looking for help but sad to say I don’t have any knowledge about those things.

Yesterday, I got a chance of meeting my virtual officemates. The freelancers of Metro Manila. 😀 We had our Christmas party at Shang and it was great. It’s nice meeting new people that we have the same passion and almost the same story. We are planning of meeting at least every month, for us to have a social life at least…

It’s so cold here in my place and I am so thankful that I am staying here because I can still enjoy the cool wind and breeze. I simply love it… and it keeps me focus on my work.

>Letting Go

>I need to let go my full time job due to U.S Financial Crisis. My client business is in it’s lowest point so he has no choice but to let me go. It is shocking but I also expect it due to U.S economy crisis. It’s sad but I have no choice… I have to let it go and look for a new job.

So I have to stay awake until 5a.m just to distribute my cover letter and resume and I hope that I will receive notice of interview tomorrow.

Well… I don’t know if I need to worry but all I wanted to do now is to look for better opportunity. I still have work… but I think I need a new one just to cover up what I just lost.

Wish me luck!!

>Cold Thursday

It’s so cold today and all I want is to sleep but I can’t do it because I need to work. I need to keep on thinking the coming holidays so that I can focus on my work. I need to save for the coming holidays and for our trip early next year. I started working as soon as I opened my eyes while my son is playing around me. To keep me awake and focus, I am watching TV and my current favorite is the Lifestyle network. Since I am not really a good cook I love the show and I am now learning. I wanted to buy new kitchen equipments so that I can start baking. I decided to try a new recipe and share it to my husband and he made it and it was perfect. Gareth loves it too. It was great and a comforting meal.

It’s now 12a.m. but through the help of coffee I am still working for my last task for today. We are planning to go home tomorrow in Laguna but I don’t know if we can make it because of the weather. Well… lets see!

>A Gift

>Since I am collecting oversized shades my husband decided to buy it for me as a gift. We got it from Mphosis for 700php. So love it…

Thanks Dear!!

>Best Candles

>I bought Alice Blue Candles last Sunday because I read a lot of good things about the product.

It comes with different scents that will definitely made you relax and suited for every part your home. I bought 3 candles, a berry, peppermint and lemongrass scents. I place it in living area, rest room and master bedroom. I love the scent all over my place. It seems that I am in the spa. I also bought a room vanilla room spray.

The scents last long even if you don’t light the candles.
I love it and I don’t need to buy those air freshener anymore.

They have website too but I love visiting the store because I can personally smell each items. This time online shopping don’t works for me… 😀

>Rest Day

>Yesterday I decided to go out to watch Twilight. I love it and looking forward for more…

I bought Gareth a gift and I immediately wrap it to surprise him.

We had lunch at Banana Leaf

Seafoods with gata.

Chicken Curry

Buko Pandan Dessert