>Cold Thursday

It’s so cold today and all I want is to sleep but I can’t do it because I need to work. I need to keep on thinking the coming holidays so that I can focus on my work. I need to save for the coming holidays and for our trip early next year. I started working as soon as I opened my eyes while my son is playing around me. To keep me awake and focus, I am watching TV and my current favorite is the Lifestyle network. Since I am not really a good cook I love the show and I am now learning. I wanted to buy new kitchen equipments so that I can start baking. I decided to try a new recipe and share it to my husband and he made it and it was perfect. Gareth loves it too. It was great and a comforting meal.

It’s now 12a.m. but through the help of coffee I am still working for my last task for today. We are planning to go home tomorrow in Laguna but I don’t know if we can make it because of the weather. Well… lets see!

>A Gift

>Since I am collecting oversized shades my husband decided to buy it for me as a gift. We got it from Mphosis for 700php. So love it…

Thanks Dear!!

>Best Candles

>I bought Alice Blue Candles last Sunday because I read a lot of good things about the product.

It comes with different scents that will definitely made you relax and suited for every part your home. I bought 3 candles, a berry, peppermint and lemongrass scents. I place it in living area, rest room and master bedroom. I love the scent all over my place. It seems that I am in the spa. I also bought a room vanilla room spray.

The scents last long even if you don’t light the candles.
I love it and I don’t need to buy those air freshener anymore.

They have website too but I love visiting the store because I can personally smell each items. This time online shopping don’t works for me… 😀

>Rest Day

>Yesterday I decided to go out to watch Twilight. I love it and looking forward for more…

I bought Gareth a gift and I immediately wrap it to surprise him.

We had lunch at Banana Leaf

Seafoods with gata.

Chicken Curry

Buko Pandan Dessert

>RIP Marky Cielo

I just found out it today when I checked PEP. I can’t believe it. He is staying in Antipolo pala so near to my place. The cause of his death is still uncomfirm but it might be because of bangungot.

Anyway, during his starstruck days I like the way he dance and voted him too. I watched all his soap and witness how he develop his acting skills.

He’s a great loss…

Rest in peace…

>I am Proud of Him!!!

He did it again!! Filipinos are so proud of him and he deserves to win because he really work hard for it.

Today… I become so proud to be a Filipino.

This means more moolah to Pacquiao!! 🙂

>Christmas = Traffic

If you are living in Metro Manila you will definitely experience traffic especially this Christmas season. I hate to go out during this time but I don’t have a choice. I need to go out tomorrow but it seems that I am not in the mood of going out because of traffic. Usually it will took me 2 hours before reaching my destination and it is so time consuming.

So if you are planning for completing your Christmas list do it on weekdays to avoid heavy traffic.

>Your Baby Can Read

I saw a video tutorial on how to teach our baby to read. It amazed me that a less than a year baby can read. So I checked the video but it’s pricey so I checked for other options. My husband finally downloaded the complete set of the video and this time we are excited to share it to Gareth. As we watched it, I realized that I should give more attention to Gareth and guide him all the way to achieve our goal. We wanted him to start reading at the age of 3 and we hope to achieve it.

I am excited to become a teacher now… and I hope that Gareth will participate. whew!


>When I started my day this morning I received new instruction from my client and he asked me to become his manager and I need to hire 3 providers. So I immediately accepted the task and then I got new hire notice to do SEO work from other client.

It is a blessing that I have this job offer eventhough I thought about the crisis. So I became so busy the whole day hiring and training the new team mates. We have two PC’s and a laptop and it really help us do our task without even sacrificing our other task. I use my laptop for my SEO task and the two PC’s for graphics and research task.

It’s 3a.m but we are not yet done.. we need to work until 5a.m but I don’t we can still stay until 5a.m because we are already sleepy.