>Christmas = Traffic

If you are living in Metro Manila you will definitely experience traffic especially this Christmas season. I hate to go out during this time but I don’t have a choice. I need to go out tomorrow but it seems that I am not in the mood of going out because of traffic. Usually it will took me 2 hours before reaching my destination and it is so time consuming.

So if you are planning for completing your Christmas list do it on weekdays to avoid heavy traffic.

>Your Baby Can Read

I saw a video tutorial on how to teach our baby to read. It amazed me that a less than a year baby can read. So I checked the video but it’s pricey so I checked for other options. My husband finally downloaded the complete set of the video and this time we are excited to share it to Gareth. As we watched it, I realized that I should give more attention to Gareth and guide him all the way to achieve our goal. We wanted him to start reading at the age of 3 and we hope to achieve it.

I am excited to become a teacher now… and I hope that Gareth will participate. whew!


>When I started my day this morning I received new instruction from my client and he asked me to become his manager and I need to hire 3 providers. So I immediately accepted the task and then I got new hire notice to do SEO work from other client.

It is a blessing that I have this job offer eventhough I thought about the crisis. So I became so busy the whole day hiring and training the new team mates. We have two PC’s and a laptop and it really help us do our task without even sacrificing our other task. I use my laptop for my SEO task and the two PC’s for graphics and research task.

It’s 3a.m but we are not yet done.. we need to work until 5a.m but I don’t we can still stay until 5a.m because we are already sleepy.



I watched news last night and crisis are everywhere. Recession happens not just in third world country but also in U.S. My clients from U.S are now experiencing financial difficulties and so I don’t have task right now. Eventhough my client from U.S didn’t give me new task my clients from Europe are still giving me task and it really help me a lot. As a freelancer I also feel the crisis so I decided to continue looking for new client.

While the economy is down we really can’t do about it but we should need to find ways to survive. This is the right time to develop our skills so that we can work in any different areas. If before I only consider research and data entry job this time I am learning SEO and writing article as well.

Early next year I will be launching a new business and I hope that you will support it.

>Fashion Ideas

>I wanted to try a wrapped dress because I read that it will make me look slimmer… hmmmm interesting..

Lately, I wanted to collect oversized shades and so far I only have two and I want to add more..

>Check it…

>If you love handmade elegant pieces then visit my other site.. I feature unique and elegant pieces and I am sure that those items are perfect for Christmas. 🙂

I love online shopping but for now I need to stop for a while because the holiday season is coming and I am sure that the Bureau of Custom will be taking this opportunity to over collecting a tax as what I experienced last year.

For Christmas presents I will be checking the malls and hopefully I can find nice pieces for my inaanaks.

That’s all for now..

>Relax Monday

>Monday, to some it is the busiest day of the week but for me as a freelancer it’s a lazy day. In other part of the world it’s still Sunday so my clients are resting. They don’t usually go online to check emails or sending new task so I took this opportunity to relax by visiting my fave websites.

It’s a happy Monday because I have a new client and he also hired my husband as a graphic designer so we are so lucky. Tomorrow we will be busy again to start our new project and I hope to meet our clients needs.

As you can see, I change layout of blog because I don’t want a pink layout. Oh well, since I love chocolate and beach so this is the best template for now.. and hopefully I will not change it.

That’s all for now…


>Baby Time

>My cousin gave birth two weeks ago. Here is Ma. Cassandra the new family member. She will be staying with us together with her parents on Christmas.

The two hyper boys while they are sleeping. They were so tired after playing wrestling.

They look so sweet…