Bag Collection

It’s been a while since I let my collection out.

I need to clean them and I let them have some fresh air.

I started collecting bags around 2010 and my first designer bag is a LV Speedy. Since then, I collected one bag every year. I can’t wait to have a special closet for them.

New Bag

This is my new Marc Jacobs Sure Shot in Grey.

This is my only bag purchase this year and I am so proud of myself. ahhaha

I am saving for something else, so I need to set aside my craziness over bags.

So here it is…

I like this compact bag, it doesn’t hurt my arms and back while carrying it.

I got this from Singapore during the Friday Sale!

This is my favorite bag as of the moment specially if I am going around the mall and going out with kids.

Do You Love Bags?

Bag is my favorite accessories. I even collected bags..

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