Larshian Cebu

Everytime I am in Cebu, I never failed to visit Larshian. Our favorites are Chorizo, pork barbecue, fish and pusit.

The chicken barbecue is simply the best.

It was already late when we went to Larshian and there are only few people in the area. Mas okay kasi hindi kami masyadong siksikan sa dining area.


The taxi driver informed us that Larshian is open 24 hours. So if you will visit Cebu, don’t forget to visit this place.

Sobrang affordable and since medyo busog pa ako, take out na lang namin ang mga orders namin at sa hotel room na kami kumain. Ayon hanggang madaling araw kumakain pa rin kami. Amoy barbecue ang room namin. 😀

Closer Look of Waterfront Hotel

While we are at the lobby, I noticed this ceiling. As a traveler, I really love to see a map. It always amazed me.

We also went to the pool area and took this shot. 🙂

I also took another night shot.

The Stairs

Sobrang tahimik…

This is the view from our room.

This is at the lobby area. I love every details of this Hotel. Sosyal!

Waterfront Hotel in Lahug Cebu

April 11, 2015

I need to attend a business seminar in Cebu so we booked right away our airfare tickets and hotel accommodation.

We stayed in Waterfront Hotel at Lahug, Cebu.

Sobrang lapit sa mga restaurants sa IT Park kaya sobrang sulit ang pagstay namin.

The room is big enough for us. 🙂


Our flight was 10am and we arrived in Cebu around 1pm, medyo gutom na kami.

We had our late lunch. After taking our lunch we watched TV and slept.


We woke up around 4pm and we decided to go out and explore the hotel. 🙂


When I woke up this morning and checked my phone, I was really shocked about the earthquake in Cebu and Bohol. The two places are so close to my heart and upon knowing the tragedy, I immediately close my eyes and pray for all my friends and hoping that everyone is safe. I checked my FB page and saw the damage. It’s really heart breaking because most of the places that are damage are churches that I visited.

I love visiting different churches and by seeing what happened it really breaks my heart.

So I started contacting my friends from Cebu and Bohol and I am glad that they are all okay. I also checked the Sisters of Mary and I am glad that they are safe. It’s a relief. I can finally go on my day knowing that they are okay. I know that Mama Mary and Jesus are protecting them. I believe that they are watching all my friends and love ones in Cebu and Bohol.


Here are some of the photos I got from my friends FB Account:


Carmen Bohol


Photo: A bridge linking the towns of Interior Bohol to the towns leading to the capital looks like a folded cardboard. 

Please keep my Bohol safe O God...

Bohol Bridge


Photo: Chocolate Hills in Bohol after Earthquake.

Let us all Pray, #PrayforVisayas


The famous Chocolate Hills


The Sto. Nino Church in Cebu


The earthquake has an intensity of 7.2.

Please pray for the Philippines.


God Bless everyone!