Gareth’s School Christmas Party

As soon as we arrived in Manila, our schedules got crazy. I need to complete the gifts and of course, the parties are waiting

Dec. 6, the Christmas Party of Gareth and it was held in Kidzoona BGC, Taguig.

It was so traffic but still we arrived on time.

I need to wake up earlier than usual so as usual, I was so sleepy the whole time.

but Gareth had fun!

He always wanted to play inside Kidzoona but we don’t allow our kids to enter any playroom anymore.

This party was attended mostly by special children. So don’t expect it to be as organized but everyone had fun! I love seeing those innocent kids having fun and they were not even aware that it was a party. We parents were more excited.

The theme was Starwars, but Gareth wore the Shrek tshirt, his new favorite.

I think we stayed not more 3 hours and the party was over. The kids were started to get grumpy…

It was a fun party! I’m glad that Gareth enjoyed it as we do. I can’t wait for more activities like this in Gareth’s school.

Company Christmas Party


Dec. 15, 2015

Christmas Party

I gather my staffs for our Christmas Party. We rented a private place to have videoke.








IMG_0297 IMG_0304

IMG_0347 IMG_0354


It was a simple celebration with my team and I am so glad that I found great people for my business. I am thankful to have them.

After the party, I received a message from them, thanking for the bonus we shared. The company is still growing and the income is really not good but that doesn’t stop me of not giving them bonus. I think it is my duty to give it to them because I know the feeling of being an employee. I know that this is the time of the year where they expect something from a Boss, because most of them are breadwinners and their families are expecting something from them this Christmas.

At the end of it all, what matters to me is how I touched other lives and how I brought smile and hope to their lives.

Spa Party at Cavite

A week ago, I received a text message, inquiring about our Spa Party. At first, I am just giving information about our services then a client inform me that he needed to book at least 100 clients. I really can’t believe it at first but when the client deposited the downpayment then I realized that it is indeed real.

So, I never wasted time, we had our meeting with the team and I completed needed for the spa party. My therapists are well trained and they really know what they are doing so I believe that they can perform well. They have amazing team work and I am so proud of them.

Here are the pictures taken during the event:









It was a great event and we were glad that the clients love our services.


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