March 27 Update

Still in a community quarantine and Xavier get bored and he borrowed my phone and when I saw this picture of him it simply made my day.
I share it to my fb account and my friends like it so much. Oh well, we need to post something positive this time because I am already fed up with too much negativity around me.
I seldom went to the office these days because I also need to protect myself. If I have nothing to do in the office, I just stayed at home. I am diabetic and have asthma as well, so I need to protect my immune system.

If I have very important thing to do in the office that’s the time I will visit. We have new campaigns and our summer seasonal account will start next month so I have no choice but to be in the office. We are doing some safety precautionary and social distancing.

I am selling vitamins C online and it’s a busy weeks for us here. Everyday we need to send at least 20 boxes of vitamins c. I am glad that in this hard time, I’m able to help my fellowmen.

Sometimes I can’t sleep thinking of the current situation. I am worried for my family, for my people and business. I hope that this will be over soon. The current situation here in the Philippines is still manageable, though in the first few days of the quarantine people were agitated but right now we are settle. We have curfews and the government started distributing relief goods. But it’s not perfect, there were some flaws but hey, we should not be focusing on that. We should focus that all of us are not prepare for this and whatever the government is doing now is enough and appreciated. I know they can do better than this but at least they are doing their part. Instead of shaming them, let’s be human.. let’s appreciate the things they’ve done and also let’s do our part.

I hope all of this will be over soon…

March 22

Still in a community quarantine and I am not going out.
Yes, I follow the Government..
So today, it’s cleaning time!
I have a separate vacuum cleaner for the sofa and bed, floor and carpets. In my age, I somehow find it amazing to collect cleaning appliances and tools than spending on other things and I think it is beneficial now.
I also miss going out, so I can only go out near our gate. I have a sun bath for a while. eheheh I just miss the heat from the sun. I think I should do it often.
Xavier keeps on asking me when he will be going back to school and I told him that they are already on a summer vacation. He can’t stop thinking school and he keeps on bugging me about it. So when he requests for a movie or something to eat, we try to give it to him. I am quite nice to my kids lately because I know they are also stress out for the whole situation. I can’t even bring them to the nearby mall or park.

I hope that this situation will be getting better soon.

Life Update

Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'CNN BREAKING NEWS Philippines METRO MANILA ON LOCKDOWN DUE TO COVID-19 cnnphilippines CNN Philippines'
Last night, President Duterte ordered a lockdown in Metro Manila. There were some cases in NCR and some nearby provinces. It simply caused panic almost to everyone. We can’t buy any alcohol in the pharmacies and nearby supermarkets. People are hoarding food and everyone seems restless.

Schools are now closed, they cancelled classes until next month and that is good. The kids are now staying at home and I am observing them. Two days ago, the kids had allergies so as soon as I heard them coughing or have colds, I immediately let them take medicines. Now they are already okay. Thank goodness!

About me, yes I am worried but I don’t panic. I make sure that my people are well taken care of. I provided Vitamin C for everyone and we clean our office every hour. I have utility staff to do that and I provide cleaning materials and alcohols. If my employee is not feeling well, we don’t let them come to the office. As of now, there’s no one in Antipolo who got affected. So, we are safe but we really can’t be sure. We can’t let our guard down in this kind of situation.

All we need to do now is boost our immune system. Eat the right food, take enough rest and take vitamins C. Personally, taking rest is really important. I feel weak if I don’t get enough sleep. We don’t go to any public places anymore.

I pray and hope that this corona virus pandemic will be over soon and no more deaths. I hope that all those who are affected will be cure soon and no one will be affected.

Lord God, please protect us always.