Orientation Day

April 15 – Orientation Day

It’s gonna be a long day so I had my foot massage first šŸ˜€

Then around 3pm we went to the office….

The leaders were ready…

New Agents were coming…

Then we bought Pizza, this is already our tradition to have pizza every time we had our orientation.

I am excited for our new seasonal agents.

It was a great day! I believe that I got the best team!

New Office

Our December was really crazy. The moment I was back from our trip I need to decide of moving to a new office. Everyday I was scouting for a place, either online and visiting the places. Then I need to decide based on our budget and to our needs. So I finally decided then the construction started.

Then waited for the internet connection and I guessed that made the transfers difficult. I need to wait for the installation first then we can start moving on…

It was a good 5 years in our previous office but I think we’ve outgrown the place. I don’t see myself in that office anymore since the company is growing and I can’t squeeze my staff in that place.

In order for us to grow I need to look for a better place and luckily we found a place that is perfect for us.

There were still things to fix and I am taking it one at a time.

I am just glad that the moment we transferred a new project came in. Just right in time.

I am excited for our new office and I am excited for the company.

So many good things are coming our way and I am really into it now.

This is a good start of the year and I am really thankful to God for all the blessings.



Don’t mind my silly face! ahhaha

I am just happy though there were so many challenges but I know things will get better soon. All I have to do is to wait patiently.

While waiting.. I am taking much of my time focusing on my team and developing their skills. I am spending more time in the office this time so I can clearly see the operation of the company.

Life is still so good…

East Joint Marketing SolutionsĀ 

It’s a busy week for my team and I am so thankful for everything.

I got a chance to visit our team after our conference meeting with our clients.

They are really so busy but I interrupt for a while just to have some picture takings.

They are working on a night shift and I know the struggle of keeping awake during those times, specially if you are just new in that night schedule.

They are really good in what they are doing and I am so proud of them. I am just happy that I got the best team.

I have this competition that who reaches their quotas will get their reward and for the past few days they were really working so hard and so when I visited our office, I handed them the reward they deserved. Ā I have this one agent who got 1k as a prize and 3 got 300pesos each. I am glad that they are happy with the reward. It made them focus on their work and reach their goals.

We will be giving them some incentives and I am excited for them. There were times that I went to the office and just surprised them with a free meal. I love giving them what they deserved to have.

I am happy that they are part of East Joint Marketing Solutions!

We are Live!

After a week of attending some issues finally weĀ are live! Our new campaign is now ready and we are now taking calls. Though we still Ā have some technical issues but everything is manageable and we are excited for the success of this business. I just hope that the agents will do good in this project and I hope we will be able to make this project big.





When I hired them they were really excited and I am glad that they value the opportunity I offered to them. I just hope that they are the team I was looking for.

East Joint Marketing Solutions

East Joint Marketing SolutionsĀ is finally live! We’ve been working for this website for weeks and finally it is now ready. We are happy to announce that we are now ready to offer more online services that will definitely help your business.


We’ve been doing online work for 8 years already and I am proud to say that we are so ready for this big Leap!

I am glad that everything goes well with my plans and visions. I am very happy and excited for this new venture!

Check out East Joint Marketing Services and I hope that you will contact us for any online services.