Mini Garden

I always wanted to have a garden, the bigger the better but since I have a little space only so I make it sure to build the garden I always wanted based on the space I have.


Most of my plants are from Tagaytay, like the Citronella, Rose and Pine Tree.

I always wanted to have a grotto in my garden and water falls. I specifically wanted a big one, like the whole wall is a water fall but it is way too much of my budget.


One night, I had a dream about Ayumi. She wanted me to build a garden for her and she wanted me to call it Ayumi’s Corner. ┬áSo I decided to look for an angel that may look like her. I went to Padre Pio Chapel at Eastwood and found out that they have nice angel collections. I purchased this little one as my Little Ayumi. Perfect for my little garden.

I added these bench to complete my garden look.



I love the sound of water falls in my garden. I just added chlorine so that mosquitos cannot lay eggs and we  need to change water every 2 days.

Now, I feel good going out and just stay in our Garden. It is very relaxing. We will be adding the spot light soon.