Live Blood Analysis

Lately, I am not feeling good. So many things going on with my system. I had allergies and vertigo attack so I decided to have my live blood analysis just to check the status of my health.

then.. I was so amazed of the results. My blood test went well and it was not that bad at all. Maybe, what I experienced is some hormonal changes since I will be turning forty.

Five years ago, I also had my live blood analysis and the result that time was not as good as now. My blood was so thick and I had some infections. I started taking supplements and watch my diet and do some light exercise.

It was good thing that I started it early and now my system is in excellent condition. I believe that prevention is indeed better than cure. So right now, I am just taking natural supplements to keep up with my health. I know that I can’t function properly if my health is not okay, so taking of my health is my top priority. .

If you are interested to have your live blood analysis, you can contact me and I can arrange it for you.

Gym Time

It’s been a while since we visited gym. But now that the work load is getting lighter so we can have more time in the gym.

I always feels good when I am in the gym but sometimes I am not really in the mood. I need to drag myself to the gym but when I started working out then it somehow lift my mood. 

So this time.. I need to go to the gym as often as I can.

It’s kinda hard since I am managing the business and studying as well so I need to balance everything..