Eagle Point Resort

For our Xavier’s Birthday Getaway, I decided to stay at Eagle Point Resort in Batangas. I booked a 2 bed but I ended up a 1 bed which is hard for us to sleep because we are four. They sent us a baby cot but Xavier is not used to sleep in a cot anymore. He loves to sleep with me and so that was a great problem but we make a way of it. We sleep horizontally and it was really hard but still we sleep soundly because we were so tired from our activities.

Nagsisiksikan ang dalawa. 🙂

This is the view from the Restaurant. It was a great view and I love it. This is also the same view from our room which I added $10 for this view. ahhahah

The breakfast buffet was good but nothing spectacular. I just like it because they have fruits, dried fish, longganiza and ham.

Though we constantly travel, I always see to it that if I travel with my kids, I need a nice place. A safe place for the kids. A free breakfast from the hotel is important to us for less hassle.

Hubby is still working while we are on a vacation and we are used to it. We’ve been doing this for 9 years already.

The kids during breakfast time.

The place was nice and I will definitely be going back to try the scuba diving activity which the resort is offering. If you want to book this place just email us at sasumanstravelandtours@gmail.com



Hotel Elizabeth

Feb. 14, 2016

We arrived at Baguio around 1pm and I was very sleepy because I never sleep before we traveled. I can’t even sleep while we are on the road because I am guiding hubby. Oh well, I need to keep him awake though he got a chance to sleep before our trip because he needed it most.

The moment I saw our bed, it was heavenly.. this is what I needed most.

Here are the pictures of the our hotel room:


I am always looking forward for a clean hotel rooms and this one is simple and it has all the things I needed in a room. The room has no aircon and you don’t really need it in Baguio because the weather that time was so perfectly cool.

The moment I closed my eyes, I just rejuvenated by the weather, good sleep and food.

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