Maldives: What We Do


The moment we arrived in Maldives and got a chance to rest, we never wasted time. We see to it to explore the Island.

I remember around 4 years ago when I decided to start my travel agency, I came across an article about Maldives and when I researched more about it, I was inlove right away with the beauty of it. It becomes my hobby to check on nice beaches around the world but Maldives is my first choice to visit because it’s Visa Free. As the years goes by, I never stop hoping to visit the place.

So there.. I decided to visit Maldives as soon as possible and save for this trip since I know that going to Maldives is not cheap specially if you wanted to stay in a nice resort.

We decided to stay 5 days and 4 nights in Maldives and I love every moment of it.


On our first day, we just explore the place near our villa. We stayed in the bar at night and just feel the moment.


The second day was Valentines Day and we had our dinner, explore the island and watch the sunset.



We really enjoy our moment in Maldives. The fine sand and the clear water are really breath taking. It is indeed a paradise.


When it was time for us to go, I really feel sad because I know that I will terribly miss the place.

If only I am super rich, I will definitely stay longer.

It was one of the best vacations we ever had because the moment I was there, I really forgot to work but I know that I should be checking my business but most of the time I was relaxing. I just love staying in the beach, drink and eat. I also sleep a lot.

I know that it was not the last time, I know that I will definitely be going back in Maldives soon…  because I just know…

Maldives: Arrival


We arrived at Male Maldives around 9pm and we decided not to look for a place because our flight to the resort is 6am. I thought that staying in the airport was not bad at all. The locals were nice and I feel safe then I decided to take a nap. It was very uncomfortable but since I was so tired already, I was able to sleep.


I looked so haggard already but still I am excited to explore the place.

Hubby got this sim card so we can access data. Getting a local sim helped us save from our high phone bill.


Here are the views from above while we were in the Sea Plane.













Maldives: Where We Stay

Maldives have 1192 islands and it is really important to choose an island to stay. Some Islands are own by private companies so you really have so many choices.

When I had my research last year, I decided that we should stay in The Sun Siyam Resort. If you will review the picture of the place it’s so nice and so perfect for a getaway.

When we arrived at the resort, it seems that I am dreaming because whatever I saw on their website is better in real life. hhahaha The place is indeed so perfect!

We stayed in a Beach Villa and here are the pictures:

Our bed


There is this day bed that is so perfect for Gareth or Xavier. But since we travel without the kids, we placed our clothes there.


The bathroom was located outside and its really big.






The outdoor shower. I love this specially if I am so tired from my beach swimming.



The shower








It is so perfect to stay in the Jacuzzi after a long day at the beach.



This is our favorite place, we stayed here every afternoon and sleep.

From our Villa, it took us 2 minutes to go to the beach. It is really the best relaxation ever!

I still have my hangover from our Maldives Trip… oh my.. I really can’t get over from the beauty of the place.

Maldives: How to Get There

If you are from Philippines and plans to travel to Maldives you need to carefully plan everything, specially your flights. I’ve done my research and found out that we need to have stop over whether in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. So I chose Singapore since I am more familiar with the airport and the airfare is quite good.

You need to plan it in advance. In our case we plan it months before our travel date since we are comparing airfare prices. Our travel date was supposed to be last year (2016) but due to our busy schedules we adjusted our travel date.

In planning a trip, you need to set aside a certain budget for it. When we decided to which place to stay, we set a budget for it and when we reach a certain amount, we paid the hotel in advance. Be sure to check the Hotel terms and conditions in terms of payment, in our hotel, the reservation is not refundable but it can be rescheduled. So I am comfortable with that since I know that I might change scheds due to our business activities but I know that I won’t be cancelling this trip because it’s non refundable. hahahah sayang ang pera.

When we finally got our travel date then we booked our flights.

Here are the details:

Manila to Singapore – Jetstar

Singapore to Male – Tiger Air

Male to Singapore – Tiger Air

Singapore to Manila – Cebu Pacific

From Male to the Resort we need to ride a Seaplane ($500/each)




So far the travel time from Manila to the Maldives resort is 24 hours, including waiting and transfer time in the airports. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

That’s all for now…