East Joint Marketing Solutions 

It’s a busy week for my team and I am so thankful for everything.

I got a chance to visit our team after our conference meeting with our clients.

They are really so busy but I interrupt for a while just to have some picture takings.

They are working on a night shift and I know the struggle of keeping awake during those times, specially if you are just new in that night schedule.

They are really good in what they are doing and I am so proud of them. I am just happy that I got the best team.

I have this competition that who reaches their quotas will get their reward and for the past few days they were really working so hard and so when I visited our office, I handed them the reward they deserved.  I have this one agent who got 1k as a prize and 3 got 300pesos each. I am glad that they are happy with the reward. It made them focus on their work and reach their goals.

We will be giving them some incentives and I am excited for them. There were times that I went to the office and just surprised them with a free meal. I love giving them what they deserved to have.

I am happy that they are part of East Joint Marketing Solutions!