Visiting Ikea

We are now ready for our first day in Singapore.

Elevator picture

Our first stop is Ikea

Everytime we are in Singapore, we always go to Ikea. My favorite place to get some bedsheets and blankets. I love the cotton bedsheets and it was really affordable.

I make sure to do it on our first day because I often visit Ikea on our last day where I have low energy already.

So we had our lunch first!

Gareth was disappointed because there were no rice.

I never shop a lot because I don’t want to pay extra for the baggage. So I limit myself to small items.

I was quite satisfied with my purchases.

Sephora Order

I love ordering something from Sephora.

All my skin care products are from sephora. I like how easy it is to order from the website and it delivers fast. 

I already consume my Caudalie Mist and now I am ordering a new one that I can bring when I travel.

I also tried this Sheer Cheek Gel from Pixi and I like the consistency of the product. The cheek stain is easy to put and it’s not that heavy in my face. It looks so natural.

That’s it for now…

H & M

I went to H&M Megamall just to check some of the pieces. When it opened last month, I was not able to visit so this time I really made extra effort. I was in the mood to shop…


I like the interior of the store…




I was checking the shoes area and saw this red shoes. Ang ganda tingnan pero ang sakit sa paa. eheheh

Tiis ganda talaga yan.



I fitted it and it looked nice but I really can’t wear that high.



I only purchased this skirt, sa dami ng tiningnan ko eto lang ang nagustuhan ko. Price: Php899.



Madaming nice pieces for kids at balak kong balikan para kay Gareth at Xavier. 🙂