Madam Tussauds

In this trip, our goal is to have a relaxing tours, meaning less adventure since we have kids with us. They are not used to any adventure yet, so we carefully select tours that are easy for them. Though it may seems easy but believe me there was chaos and throwing of tantrums. We just have to deal with it and do our best to make this trip as peaceful as possible.

So we decided to visit Madam Tussauds and it was a great, the kids like it at first but eventually got bored, well, we already expected it to happen. Despite of it all, we had a great vacation and so thankful for this wonderful time.
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We had fun playing around and it was a great experienced.

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Singapore Flyer

We decided to bring the kids to Singapore Flyer. It is my second time and this time I am more calm, unlike my first time ride. I have fear of heights and so that is the reason. I am always trying to convince myself that it is okay, that the place is safe.















So here we are.. we are ready!







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It was a nice experienced with the kids around. I love spending time with them specially every time we travel. I got a chance to know them more.

As long as I live, I want to travel with them. I want to show to them the beauty of traveling. I want to expose them to different cultures because it is the best way to gain knowledge.

Cheers for our more adventures!

Nacpan Beach at El Nido


May 17, 2015

After our tour we went to Nacpan Beach. Just by going to Nacpan Beach you have to pay at least Php1,000 for a roundtrip ride in a tricycle. It was an hour trip from the town of El Nido. 



Nacpan beach is still a virgin beach, there was no resorts within the area. It was the best spot if you want to have the best sunset in El Nido. I heard so much about it and I am so glad that we really made extra effort to visit Nacpan.



We stayed here in less than 2 hours, we need to go back to our hotel asap because the highway from Nacpan to El Nido Town is really so dark. It was a rough road and most of the place has no electricity yet and just by thinking about it, I was really scared but during the tour, I was so game to experience everything.



El Nido has its own beauty and I fell inlove with it. I know that I will miss El Nido and I will definitely going back in the near future!


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