Golden Globe Awards for Business Excellence 

When I found out about our Golden Globe Award, I was really surprised. Sasuman’s Travel and Tours is only 4 years and we are already getting so much awards. After all the hardships I’ve been through in starting this business, I guess it’s payback time. I am so thankful for all the awards and recognition.

The most prestigious award we have received so far! I feel so lucky to become one of the awardees! This is a little reward of all the hardships we’ve been through. As what I always say… Starting a business is easy but keeping it is the hardest.

This is just a reminder that maybe I made a right thing as an Entrepreneur and I will continue to live my life doing what I love most and that is running a business!

I am thankful to God for all the blessings and showing me the right path when I was lost!

To God be the Glory!


I did my own hair and make up and I’m glad that I made it. 🙂

It was a great event and very thankful!

We are Officially Open

My travel agency is officially open. We have our own space now and clients can visit us anytime.

In putting my own travel agency is my dream business. I am hoping that this business will grow. I am putting all my best in this business and so proud of myself that finally I achieve this one.

Here is the picture of our office:


If you need airfare tickets, hotels or tour packages please email us at



My New Business!!

Check out my new business!!

My Travel agency is open online for a moment and I will open a new office next year!

So while waiting for the physical office check this website for  more details about the Tour!!


We offer the following services:




For inquiries please email me at