UNO Sales Rally 2015

My team attended the sales rally of UNO for the first time. It was a great experience to witness this wonderful event wherein all the hard work was paid off.

Some of you may raise eyebrows about Network Marketing..

But since I stop doing this business way back in year 2000, I was not really feel this happiness. I build my own businesses and succeeded but it seems that I miss doing something then later on I realized that working in a networking company is what I love most. Anyway, I will talk about it more next time.

So, the sales rally was held at Cuneta Astrodome. Punong puno ang area at sobrang saya.

That’s my business partner, Jojo Sagaran, with his share for this quarter only. He’s currently earning Php2M/month.

This is my Team Matrix from Valenzuela and Antipolo. We are just starting and fast growing. I cannot wait to witness the success of my members.

It was an inspiring event and will definitely reach our ultimate dreams in life soon.


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