Oshino Hakkai

We arrive at the Oshino Hakkai village on lunch time. So we had our lunch first before we explore the place.

This one is so satisfying…

History of Oshino Hakkai

The word Hakkai means “Eight Seas” which refers to the eight pools of water that serve as the main attraction of Oshino Hakkai. Bridges and pathways lead around and over these tranquil ponds.

These eight ponds (Deguchi, Okama, Sokonashi, Choushi, Waku, Nigori, Kagami, and Shoubu) are the beautiful byproduct of historic eruptions and intense volcanic activity.

Several are fed by an underground reservoir and are renowned for their mineral-rich spring water. In fact, the water in Waku Pond is so clear and clean that in 1985, the Ministry of the Environment ranked it among some of the nation’s best spring water. Go try the water and even bottle some to take home with you when you visit the area. Bottles are available at a low cost if you need one.

Most of the pools are filled by melted snow that has run down from Mount Fuji and some of them are inhabited by koi fishes.

Source: Japan Tourism

Everywhere we look there was food!

It is an old village and looks so peaceful.

Bullet Train to Tokyo

So it is the day that we will be going to Tokyo through Bullet Train!

I was so excited!

Everytime I heard about the Bullet Train when I was young, I always wonder how fast it was! I wanted to experience it and I never thought that this time will come!

The fare to Tokyo was quite expensive but it was so worth it. We had our early breakfast then headed to the station. We rode a taxi to the station to save us time and besides we were carrying heavy luggage.

Yay we were so ready!

It was indeed so fast! It only took 4 hours from Osaka to Tokyo and the ride was so smooth. I was even sleeping most of the time. It was so comfortable.

I highly recommend it!

The best ride ever!