Yay for 2018!

I was a little bit sad so I decided to go to a nearby All Home Store. Then I went shopping…

I bought a red carpet, a new TV Table and a Videoke. hahaha

When I was out in the store, just then I realized that I am really so sad and I need those things… hahhaha



The red carpet brought color to my boring place. I find it boring because I have black sofa and I think just to make the place lively I should add red and besidesĀ  its one of my favorite colors. So it deserved a place in space. šŸ˜€

Then when I saw this TV Console table, I realized that I need one. This one is a rustic theme and reminds me of our house when I was young. All our furniture way back then was made of wood and was just made by my father.

Our dining table, beds and sofa is made of hard wood and my father made it from the scrap wood from his work. That’s why I love wood. My dining table and sofa is made of hard wood. I just love the rustic feel of it. I am trying to recreate my place into a modern rustic interior design.


Here are some of the details:

I am watching HGTV everytime I have free time and it helps me a lot in planning for home interior design.