Life Update

It’s been a while since I updated my blog with my thoughts…

Most of the time, I only posted my youtube videos and thank you for checking on my YouTube channel. If you didn’t subscribe yet, then check it here.

Okay, let me start by sharing a story about our cats. We have around 20 cats inside the house. They have a nice space. We have an allowance for their food and litter. We treat them as families. We live our life with them for years now. They bring so much joy and happiness to us. Our home is happier because of them. I love going home because of them. When I was so stressed, I just spend time with them. I make sure to spend time with them whenever I am home.

But one day, they just got sick. I panicked because some of them became so weak instantly.

Some died just after 2 days and two of the old cats were sent to the animal hospital and confined for days but still they didn’t survive.

It was really heartbreaking….

I lost 9 cats in just a week.

Until now, I still miss them so much. The first week without them was really hard to bear. I was crying the whole time. I just miss them so much.

Until now, we are not yet okay. We miss them so much. We only have 5 cats left, 5 survivors only. It was heartbreaking. I miss the rest of our pets. I miss their playfulness. I miss them when they come to me. I miss them when they kissed me and want to cuddle.

I know that there are things that we can’t control. I still wish that they are still here with us…

I really miss them…

Writing about here somehow makes me feel better…

I’m glad that I still have this space to open up.