Maldives: Where We Stay

Maldives consists of 1192 islands and it is really important to choose an island to stay.

When I had my research last year, I decided that we should stay in The Sun Siyam Resort. If you will review the picture of the place it’s so nice and so perfect for a getaway.

When we arrived at the resort, it seems that I am dreaming because whatever I saw on their website is better in real life. hhahaha The place is indeed so perfect!

We stayed in a Beach Villa and here are the pictures:

Our bed


There is this day bed that is so perfect for Gareth or Xavier. But since we travel without the kids, we placed our clothes there.


The bathroom was located outside and its really big.






The outdoor shower. I love this specially if I am so tired from my beach swimming.



The shower








It is so perfect to stay in the Jacuzzi after a long day at the beach.



This is our favorite place, we stayed here every afternoon and sleep.

From our Villa, it took us 2 minutes to go to the beach. It is really the best relaxation ever!

I still have my hangover from our Maldives Trip… oh my.. I really can’t get over from the beauty of the place.

Maldives: How to Get There

If you are from Philippines and plans to travel to Maldives you need to carefully plan everything, specially your flights. I’ve done my research and found out that we need to have stop over whether in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. So I chose Singapore since I am more familiar with the airport and the airfare is quite good.

You need to plan it in advance. In our case we plan it months before our travel date since we are comparing airfare prices. Our travel date was supposed to be last year (2016) but due to our busy schedules we adjusted our travel date.

In planning a trip, you need to set aside a certain budget for it. When we decided to which place to stay, we set a budget for it and when we reach a certain amount, we paid the hotel in advance. Be sure to check the Hotel terms and conditions in terms of payment, in our hotel, the reservation is not refundable but it can be rescheduled. So I am comfortable with that since I know that I might change scheds due to our business activities but I know that I won’t be cancelling this trip because it’s non refundable. hahahah sayang ang pera.

When we finally got our travel date then we booked our flights.

Here are the details:

Manila to Singapore – Jetstar

Singapore to Male – Tiger Air

Male to Singapore – Tiger Air

Singapore to Manila – Cebu Pacific

From Male to the Resort we need to ride a Seaplane ($500/each)




So far the travel time from Manila to the Maldives resort is 24 hours, including waiting and transfer time in the airports. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

That’s all for now…



I Wish…

Faith and Fear:

Starting a business is not easy. The most challenging part of starting a business is the capital. Having a capital is really crucial in starting a business and I just hope I have enough. It is always a challenge for me particularly this time that my business is growing and I have more ideas in mind but I need to hold on for a while because of the lack of capital. This is the moment that I wish I am rich enough to pursue my dreams but hey.. I am not. It is a struggle but I am holding on. I know that in time I will get through it. I know that I just have to pause for a moment and just work on what I have.

Lately, I am overwhelmed of all the things that are happening in my life particularly in my business. I really don’t have someone that I can talk to that is the same with my status. I don’t have friends who are really into this business so I don’t have any to open up. I just read books and talk to my husband about my plans. I have no one to confide to in terms of business. Somehow it’s frustrating… but I realized that being the head of the company, I should deal with it. Sometimes I based my decisions logically but still I need to use my heart and it’s hard sometimes but believe me, if you are in my situation, you will definitely used your heart more but you need to hide it from everyone.

I need to show that I am in control of everything, which is really the case but it’s not really always easy. It might look cool because I need guidance too, and with that I am relying on my faith. Hoping that I made a great decision everytime I made one.

Despite of what is going on right now, I am still so thankful for everything. Because I know that I will make it through. I know that is just part of the journey and part of my ultimate goal to help others and to build a company that will definitely help those who areĀ in need.

There are days that I wanted to give up but when I look at my people’s eyes and situation, I know that I don’t have any reason to give up. I don’t have any reason to feel so down. I need to be strong and let my company grow because they are depending on me. I don’t want to disappoint them. I want to let them feel that I am here for them and I will do, with all my might to make things work.

So there you go.. I finally started sharing about me as a businesswoman. I think I should be doing this often because somehow I need to unload it from my system and I think that is also one of the reason why I have blog, because I need to express myself freely here. So please don’t judge. I also wanted to put some of my thoughts and feelings here so that someday I can easily reread this and maybe I will just laugh about this, because I know that I will overcome this hardships soon. Sooner than I think. Maybe, I will let my son’s or grandchild read my blog in the future and this explains how I struggle with my life but still I never give up.

So there…

God Bless everyone!


Cebu Food Trip

I make sure to visit Cebu every year. It is like my second home. My year is not complete without visiting Cebu. I usually visit Cebu every first month of the year, and it was a perfect date this year because of a friends wedding.

I have favorite places in Cebu and it is like my all time favorite. Like a hotel, I never stayed in different hotels, I always choose Crown Regency, either in Mactan or Fuente. I make sure to eat my all time favorite Chorizo, sea foods and kinilaw.

Every time when I was there, there was never a day that I never ate Chorizo. OMG, I was craving for it for a year! There was a time that I ordered it online but still I miss the real one. So if you are visiting Cebu try this one!


A Bridesmaid

When I was younger, I seldom be part of any wedding entourage. I was not that type back then. With my friends cycle I was the one who got married first. When I was a kid, I never got a chance to be a flower girl, it was my wish but I never got a chance.

I got married at the age of 24 and some of my friends that time was still single and when they got married, some of them don’t remember me to be part of the entourage… ahahha

Lately when a friend of mine got married, yes she got married quite late because she’s a workaholic and family oriented. She focuses on helping her family and she went abroad to work. I really admire on how she take care of her family, so I was so happy when she finally informed me about her to settle down. I think it’s about time.

She also asked me to be part of the entourage and so it just made my day. hahhah

So here’s my outfit and make up by yours truly:

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 2 people, close-up

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, close-up and indoor

Hubby and I is the secondary sponsor and feel so honored.

It was a great time witnessing a great event.

Image may contain: 10 people, people standing and wedding

Image may contain: 22 people, people smiling, people standing, wedding and indoor


Hiring Day

We need to hire at least 15 agents yesterday. We announced the hiring at least 3 days before. Our goal is to have a 1 day hiring process and so we are expecting more applicants.

I arrived around 2 pm at the office and had a quick meeting with my team then had my lunch. I was already starving. Then we started our hiring process.

It was a great day, I met different people. I learn so much from them. I realized that some are really frustrated looking for work and I am just glad that I got a chance to provide work.

We’ve done with our interview process around 8pm and I was so hungry that I wanted to eat a bucket of chicken from KFC but of course I never did. Hahahah

Luckily, I got the people we needed and it is going a hectic weeks ahead! I am so excited for our new campaign..

February is Here!

Wow time flies so fast! We are already done with January!

Whew! January is quite a busy month for us. Clients came over to visit us for the first time. It is a month where I learn so much. I realized that I should work more and rest more as well.

Well, February is here and I am also very excited! We started a new campaign and we will be adding more this month. Oh my! I am so thankful for everything but of course I know that I need to work so hard just to make everything work. It’s not really easy but we are doing everything to make our business grow. There were hardships along the way that made me question myself if I am really ready to do this. Sometimes I doubt myself and I think it is just normal since what I’m doing is not really easy. When I started doubting myself, I stop everything that I am doing and just contemplate. I just pray to God to guide me in everything because I know that I can’t do it perfectly without His guidance.

Yes, I am excited to witness His plans for me.

Have a blessed day everyone!

I’m Back

Image may contain: text

I’m back.

We had a long weekend in Cebu. We attended friends wedding it was a great escape for us from work. We stayed 4 days and I will be blogging more about it soon. I just need to gain my energy back and of course, as soon as we came home, the work started.

Basta.. I’m back and happy!


It’s a middle of the week but it seems that I am so tired already.

Actually, I started a new work out routine and that is running, in interval with my walking. I tried it for the first time yesterday for 30 minutes and now I feel so exhausted. I never tried running for years already and maybe my body is still adjusting.

The good thing about this is my blood sugar went down and almost close to normal. I also avoided eating rice every night. I am now into low carb diet and it seems that it is working. I am excited for this new method I am working right now and I am positive that it will definitely work.

So while my body is still adjusting.. I am giving myself time and I will do my exercise routine every other day, until my body will get used to it.

Yay! I am exhausted but I am happy. I know that eventually my body will long for this kind of routine. So I am just taking it slow..

So that’s it for today… I think I need to sleep now.