Teens now a days is really different during my time. We have to be vigilant at the same time be very careful in dealing with them because most of the time we were misunderstood or the other way around.

Irish will be turning 17 years old next month and I am so thankful for having her. She is responsible enough to deal things around her. She is really doing her best to study and to be a perfect daughter. Yes, she is my daughter from the same mother. ahhahaha

We love reading books, fashion and just chilling in a coffee shop. She is indeed my daughter.

I am really so thankful to have her, she really grown up as a fine lady and I am so proud that somehow I raised her well.


Today is her moving up. For 4 years, she never given me headache. She really knows her responsibility and with that I am so proud.


She is officially ready for Senior High and I really wish her the best. We are always here to love and support her all the way.

Weight Loss Journey

For those who knew me really know my struggle of losing weight. I grew up skinny. My weight before I got married was below 100lbs.

But when I got pregnant, I was on a bed rest due to sensitivity of my pregnancy so the result was I gained so much weight. When I got pregnant, I reached 180lbs. It was really frustrating since I was used of being skinny but I accepted my new body but of course I was determined to loss weight.

I had 3 pregnancies already and not to mention that the tummy area is really the hardest to lose. Due to my busy schedules, I can’t regularly go to the gym to exercise. That made losing weight difficult.

Two years ago, after a year of giving birth to Xavier, I decided to start losing weight. I gave my body enough time to recover from giving birth and to regain my energy back. As you all know that having a new baby is really not easy. We have a little time to sleep and of course with all the hormonal changes in our system, I think it’s not the best time to put our body in so much stress. So what I did was just embrace the changes of my system. I just let my body heal. I never did any hard exercises yet I started controlling my diet. I cut off sweets. I stop drinking soda and limit my rice. Cutting rice is not easy since I love eating but I made sure to minimize it. I never cut rice from my diet because I know that I need it to keep me going. I don’t have my coffee frappe from Starbucks everyday, ones a week is enough.

No cakes unless we have birthday celebrations yet I limit myself to just one to two bites. I can’t even finish the whole slice. As you all know that I have diabetes so I need to limit my sugar intake.

Last year, on the last quarter, I realized that I need to start doing my exercise. My body was used to have exercise. During high school, I was so active. I love basketball and swimming and maybe my body is looking for it already. When I wasย in college, I enrolled myself to the gym just to do cardio and lifting. So basically, I grow up really active and just slow down when I got pregnant. So maybe it’s about time to go back.

I never enrolled in a gym anymore because I really can’t squeezed it on my schedule so I decided to purchase Thread Mill. I decided to have at least 30 minutes of walking and running 3 times a week. Then that is the start…

Before I knew it, I lost weight. I am now 120lbs. So happy with the result but I know I need to lose more, specially in the tummy area but so far I am happy.

I never thought that I will lose weight again and be happy with my body but I believe that if we have to do changes and stick with it then the results will just follow.

I know that my body is far from those celebrities or models we saw in magazines or in instagram but hey, I am a mother who never tried any surgery just to lose weight but I made this naturally. Just diet, exercise and supplements to detox. I think this is enough for me to be proud of and I think you should try it too.

It’s not a quick way to lose weight but having those cardios is a big help to keep me active that I needed so much. So there you go…

Just in time when we went to Maldives, my body is somewhat beach ready..


I think I need to keep my focus to lose more specially on the tummy area so I will be ready on my next beach adventure.

Keep the Faith

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As I am into business, there were challenges but I am getting used to it. This is what my heart wants to do and so I have to face each challenges with a hopeful heart.

I believe that whatever challenges I am facing now is just a small part of the big victory in the future. So I just hang on…

Alumni 2017

March 12, 2017

25th Death Anniversary of Fr. Al

I did not expect that some of my Batchmates will be coming to Manila to celebrate with us. It is nice to be with them and do our catching up. ๐Ÿ™‚

So here we are… still look so young… ๐Ÿ˜€


After at SOM we went to Tagaytay to have some coffee.

Then headed to BGC to watch a movie. It was indeed a great weekend.


Xavier’s 3rd Birthday


Xavier’s birthday is a very special event for us.

After what we’ve been through when we lost Ayumi, I think it is worth a celebration for Xavier’s every milestone. Some parents may not understand how we feel but if you experienced losing a child, then maybe you will understand why we are like this way.


We decided to have a simple celebration for Xavier’s birthday. No big parties for now. We had a cake for the “salubong” of his birthday and 3 cakes for the night of his birthday. He loves blowing cakes so make sure that this time he will have more cakes and candles to blow.











It was a great feeling celebrating his 3rd birthday. It’s an accomplishment for us and I am so proud and happy for Xavier’s development. He is a smart little young man and I am excited to see what he will become in the future. I am quite emotional when he turns 3 years old because Ayumi never reached this far and still I have this what ifs…

Now that he turns 3 years old, I know that this will get exciting. He keeps on adding more vocabularies, so many questions that will definitely amaze us and of course I will get to know more of his character.

Xavier, I love you so much and thank you very much for making Mommy happy again.


Family Time

It was a crazy week and spending time with the kids is the best idea for me to relax.

We went to church and to UP Town Mall at BGC.


Ang laking pizza, hindi namin naubos.

Then they saw this train but the attendant was not there so they end up just sitting there and pretend that it was moving.

Gareth saw this stage and he got so excited, he goes up and dance. Siguro kung hindi special child si Gareth baka gusto nyang magperform. He likes singing and he has a nice voice. I hope someday maging maayos din lahat para sa kanya. I really wish na dumating ang time na kahit papano maexpress nya ang nararamdaman nya. Pero kung hindi man dumating ang time na yon, ok lang talaga. Walang mababago, dahil kahit ano pa man sya, mahal na mahal ko sya. He is my lucky charm. ๐Ÿ™‚

Unplanned Trip to Tagaytay

It was a busy week. I stayed in the office for 12 hours a day for 5 days straight. I was so exhausted when Saturday came. I don’t want to go home yet because I was so tired and I wanted to go somewhere.

When my team log out, I decided to take them to Tagaytay. They were all surprised with our unplanned trip.

We were awake for 24 hours but still we managed to have fun with our team. It was a quick trip but a great way for me to relax a bit.

After our trip, bumawi kami ng tulog and spend more time with the kids.

Action Camera Accessories

Are you looking for action camera accessories?

I found these things really cute and suited for today’s action Camera.

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Portable Mini Box Xiaoyi Bag Black Camera Case For Xiaomi Yi 4K 1080p Gopro Hero 5 4 Session 3 SJCAM Sj4000 m1 Yi Accessories

30m Underwater Light Waterproof Diving LED Video Spot Light Lamp Mount Buckle Screw Strape Kit For GoPro Hero 4 3+ 3 Xiaomi Yi

30m Underwater Light Waterproof Diving LED Video Spot Light Lamp Mount Buckle Screw Strape Kit For GoPro Hero 4 3+ 3 Xiaomi Yi

36 inch For SP POV Pole Extendable Self Selfie Stick Handheld Monopod Dive Since for Gopro Hero 4 3+ 3 2 sj4000 Sport Camera

36 inch For SP POV Pole Extendable Self Selfie Stick Handheld Monopod Dive Since for Gopro Hero 4 3+ 3 2 sj4000 Sport Camera

There were so many cool accessories that you can check more about it Here.

So enjoy because I was addicted by that site.