Makeup Collection

I only get pieces of my makeup depends on my mood. I have to use a certain makeup for a month then I will change eventually, depends on my mood.

But lately I decided to have my inventory to check if I need something new.

Oh, I’ve been checking sephora lately because I wanted a new blush.

But then… I have enough already…

So here are some of my collections..

I love lipstick so much. I got anastasia, kylies and mac.

I like the Nars blush and benetint. I almost finished my benetint so I need to get a new one soon.

I am so obsessed with the foundation but I seldom use it. I just want to get for special occasion only.

For my everyday makeup, I only use BB Cream from Etude. I don’t want to put too much foundation or powder on my face because it might clog my pores.

I spend too much on skin care lately and I will post more about it soon.