Online Class

Online class here in the Philippines finally started last Oct. 5 but with my kids, they started last week of August, so they already adjusted this new normal of learning.

They got a lot of assignments lately and I need to monitor them. I need to check their google classroom and it is already exam week so they are so busy. As usual, no gaming gadgets allowed during the exam week.

So there you go….

How’s your online class experienced?

One of my dreams…

I received a notice from my school that I am a candidate for graduation. I was so happy when I got the notice and still can’t believe it.

I just want to share…

After high school, I was so excited to go to college. I picked a school that is near to our house so I can save for the transportation. But, we were struggling financially that time. My parents cannot afford my college tuition fees, so I have to work. I was a working student that time but it was really hard juggling school and work. I need to choose work because I was helping my parents financially.

Due to poverty, I was not able to finish my college. As early as 18 years old, I was already working but I always wanted to finish college.

Since then, I just focused on helping my family then eventually build my business. Then last 2 years ago, I was looking for a perfect school that I can attend while I am still doing my business. Then God answered my prayer.

It was the busiest 2 years so far and I was scared at first because I might not meet the school requirements. I master the art of multitasking. I am working while studying. I need to manage my time well if I want to survive the homeschooling.

I can’t believe that I made it. I learn a lot from this experienced and it made me realize that it was never too late to fulfill my dreams.

Now that I am done with this chapter, I am now more confident to work hard to grow my business. I know that I am on a right track of growing my business so I can help more.

I know that I need to learn more… I have so much things to learn but I am taking things one at a time.

I am thankful for my husband for understanding and supporting me in this journey.

That’s my look before I feel so haggard from the travel time. LOL

Finally, my dream come true. Thank you Lord God for the blessings. All Glory to You My God.

Tea Sets from London

I started collecting tea sets and plates around 5 years ago, then lately I think I got it over the top. When I checked etsy, I found cute pieces that I like. I looked for one seller that has everything that I like.

I ordered it last July then it arrived at the end of August. Actually, my package went all the way to Mindanao and DHL needs to reship it to Antipolo.

Two cups are broken and it saddened me but I know it is because of the handling. But at least just two and the rests are perfectly fine.

I am happy with my new sets and I think I have to stop collecting this time because I don’t have enough space yet. I will definitely resume when my place is ready for them.

I never thought that this little things will make me happy….

Random Things

Our mini farm gate is now finally done. The place is now clean and ready for the new plants such as fruit bearing trees and some vegetables. We are now planning where to place the plants and these things made us feel excited.

I have new set of succulents, I ordered it online and I like preparing it myself. This new hobby somehow feels me better despite of the chaos around me. I feel excited everytime I have new plants coming because I love cleaning them, drying them and repotting them. I also love seeing them grow. I think I check on them at least 3 times a day. This is somehow new to me because before I start collecting succulents, I can spent my week without going out in the garden. I just stay inside the house reading books and watching movie and of course working. But now that I started planting, I love going out and checking on my plants. I am beginning to love this new hobby of mine.

This is Xavier’s costume during their Filipino Month Program in school. He is wearing that in their online program and he was so uncomfortable with it but before he take it off, I asked him to post for a picture first. LOL

So that’s it… nothing much exciting happening lately. Aside from business, which made me so busy and drain after the day, I am glad that I have something to look forward like checking the farm and my garden.

Welcome to our Farm

For the past 2 weeks we were busy looking for a farm in a nearby town. Then luckily we finally got a place that we love.

We are now cleaning the area and I am so happy that it has a nearby creek that we can swim during summer.

We are planning of adding fruit bearing trees and some vegetables and this will definitely make us busy in the coming weeks.

Random Things

We are now under MECQ, so we seldom go out but I have a very important meeting, so I need to go out.

These are the signs in our office door.

For 2 weeks, I finished the new KDrama “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay” and while I am watching Gareth is working on his puzzle.

This is Dennis, he has the weirdest sleeping position of all the cats we have. So everytime I catch him sleep like that, I can’t help myself but laugh and took a picture. This cat somehow brighten my day. 🙂

17th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary!

I can’t believe it, it seems that we just got married yesterday. For the past 17 years, I learn so many things particularly in dealing with our relationship. It was not easy at first and just like any other couple, we had our ups and downs too. We’ve been through a lot. There were times that I almost gave up but with the help of our kids and faith in God here we are still surviving.

I still remember that day when we said our I Do’s… honestly, I want to run away…. parang runaway bride hahaha because I was so scared that I might not be a good wife for him. I was scared that I might do my duties and responsibilities as wife and mom. I remember telling my Father, that I don’t want to go to church anymore, that we should cancel the wedding. That time, everyone were already in the church and I was still in the resort preparing. When I told my father about it, he talked to me in private and he listened to me. I told him about my fears and he told that it was normal but as long that I love my husband, everything will be okay. He also told me that if things will not work I can always go back home to him. That was one of the most serious talked I had with my father. I really appreciate that he listened to me that day. I always cherish that moment with him and I still wish that he is still with us during this time. I just miss him so much.

We celebrated by ordering a boodle fight food for the whole family. It was fun and I miss doing it.

During this pandemic, everytime I feel so down, my husband always cheers me up. He supported in everything I wanted to do, from planting, collecting plates, buying online food, watching KDrama and a lot more…

He’s been so supported and I appreciate everything he’s doing.

We learn to compromise and just let each other do our thing while we continue to support each other.

I think I never made a mistake of marrying him and finally, I realized it until we reached our 17 years ahhahaah!

Planting Time

We are now under MECQ and so far there are increasing number of Covid-19 cases here in my place. It is actually alarming and my anxiety level is now going up. I am trying to relax myself and I realized that I should start planting again. It is indeed my way of relaxation and somehow it helps me a lot.

I browsed online marketplace and I realized that I should start planting roses. Rose is one of my favorite plants and it made me feel happy everytime I see rose flowers. I bought some plants and they are so pretty!

I love waking up each day and checking them constantly. In the previous months during quarantine, I can stay inside the house all the week but right now I have a reason to come out. I need to check them.

I am also collecting succulents and I will post about it in the future. Succulents are hard to take care of, there are rules to follow and I am still learning about them. I started planting succulents and I hope that they will grow and multiply.

So that’s it for now… I am just glad that I have this new hobby and this somehow makes me feel better. Staying at home and thinking about the virus are really frustrating and I know that there a lot of people who are depressed already because of the situation right now but here I am trying to make myself look at the positive side of all these circumstances. There were days that we are unsure of what comes next but I realized that we should find ways to divert our mind so we can have a healthy mind and body. Having a healthy mind is crucial in this moment, because if we had a healthy mind, we can fight whatever is going on in our body. So everyone… make sure that you take care of your whole wellbeing because that what’s matter most this time.

That’s all for now… I’ll see you in my next post. Keep safe and healthy everyone!

First Day of Online Class

August 3

The start of Xavier’s Online Study.

Weeks before he started, we received guides from his school. This week is just for bridging so Xavier will familiarize himself on how these things works.

I can’t let him go back to face-to-face class until there is no vaccine yet for Covid-19. Actually, here in the Philippines, it’s not allowed yet for the student to go back to school. So parents can decide if they will enroll their kids to online learning or just wait for the next school year. Since Xavier’s school is well prepared for this online education so we give it a try. We are also at home most of the time so we can really guide him, so we opted to enroll him.

My daughter Irish and nephew Clint is also doing their online studies, so we prepared their laptops particularly for online class. Sometimes, it is just difficult to guide them if they were doing the class all at the same time. So I really have to check their schedules so we can adjust.

This phase is a new way for parents to adjust and this is somehow difficult for parents who are away due to work. It’s hard for them to guide their kids while doing online class. But I know that whatever the reasons of the parents, either they will enroll their kids to online or just stop for this school year, I respect you for that because in reality what we are experiencing right now is really overwhelming. We are so unsure of the future and we have to deal different circumstances in our everyday life. So no matter what your choices will be, don’t be guilty about it, do whatever makes you feel good and that makes everyone around you safe and healthy in this trying time.

Random Things

This is how Xavier sleeps, he still sleeps like a baby. I miss it when he was still a baby. I miss carrying him and feeding him when he was a baby. Ngayon sobrang likot at daldal na nya.

This is chocnut. Most Filipinos love this chocolate and since the pandemic, it was not available in the market so everytime hubby went to the supermarket he always hoped to get it and then one day… finally, we got 3 packs!

I love plants but I stop planting when we moved to our new place because there was not enough space. But lately, I have this feeling that I should plant again. So I let hubby remove the car in our garage so we can use it as my garden space. This plant was given to me by a friend as a birthday gift. I am hoping that it will not die.

Cats like to sleep anywhere around the house, they don’t want to use their sleeping beds, so we bought this extra soft bed and I think they are loving it now. That is Bella in her new LV inspired bed. eheheh

We went to Mandaue Foam to purchase new foam for our bed and a new bed for Gareth. The bed his currently using is so old already and he’s not comfortable anymore because Gareth grows so fast. I think we tried going to Mandaue Foam twice but it has long lines, so I never get in when it was long lines. Then we decided to visit on a weekday and luckily there were no lines. So we finally get the items we wanted but they don’t have current stocks. The items will be delivered after 2 weeks….

Those are the random things that happened in my life lately. Actually, not much is happening that is why I don’t post so much. I am busy with my school papers and business so I seldom post.

I just hope that all my readers are safe and healthy. Have a great day!