17th Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary!

I can’t believe it, it seems that we just got married yesterday. For the past 17 years, I learn so many things particularly in dealing with our relationship. It was not easy at first and just like any other couple, we had our ups and downs too. We’ve been through a lot. There were times that I almost gave up but with the help of our kids and faith in God here we are still surviving.

I still remember that day when we said our I Do’s… honestly, I want to run away…. parang runaway bride hahaha because I was so scared that I might not be a good wife for him. I was scared that I might do my duties and responsibilities as wife and mom. I remember telling my Father, that I don’t want to go to church anymore, that we should cancel the wedding. That time, everyone were already in the church and I was still in the resort preparing. When I told my father about it, he talked to me in private and he listened to me. I told him about my fears and he told that it was normal but as long that I love my husband, everything will be okay. He also told me that if things will not work I can always go back home to him. That was one of the most serious talked I had with my father. I really appreciate that he listened to me that day. I always cherish that moment with him and I still wish that he is still with us during this time. I just miss him so much.

We celebrated by ordering a boodle fight food for the whole family. It was fun and I miss doing it.

During this pandemic, everytime I feel so down, my husband always cheers me up. He supported in everything I wanted to do, from planting, collecting plates, buying online food, watching KDrama and a lot more…

He’s been so supported and I appreciate everything he’s doing.

We learn to compromise and just let each other do our thing while we continue to support each other.

I think I never made a mistake of marrying him and finally, I realized it until we reached our 17 years ahhahaah!