Shopping Time

When I saw this Gentle Monster online, I immediately like it but it took me a while before I purchased it because I am still thinking if I really like it. But.. it made me realized that I really like it and I know that I can use it after the quarantine. So there…

When my order arrived, I just like it so much. Para talagang yong sa mga KDrama. Ang ganda.. I can’t wait using it.

Yeah, I know.. we are all at home and we don’t need to wear makeup! ahaha but.. I have my zoom meeting every now and then and I want to look at least good in the camera. So ayan palusot lang yan, because I still makeups but I can’t control myself when I saw this new makeup release by Happy Skin. In reality, I don’t have makeups from Happy Skin yet, so eto sinubukan ko na. So far, I love it, specially the blush and the eyebrow set. I can easily apply it when I have a zoom meeting and viola I am ready.

This pandemic brings out something from us. Sometimes we are so positive about life and on the next day we start to worry. Then we got sad and don’t want to do anything anymore… but I think it is normal to feel sad and we know that we can’t control it. We should let ourselves feel those feeling, give yourself time to be sad but don’t dwell on it for so long. You need to think of things that can inspire you to do things. You should look around and still be productive. Try to think of things that can make you happy, it might be small things as long as you are happy with it then go for it. We are already in this gloomy time so whatever can make you feel good then do it. If you are happy then you can easily find ways on what to do next and that is being productive.

Stop analyzing too much… learn to let go of things that you can’t control. Focus on positive things that you can do for your own and for the people around you. Make sure that you boost your immune system to fight against the virus and let us hope that this pandemic will be over soon.