First Day of Online Class

August 3

The start of Xavier’s Online Study.

Weeks before he started, we received guides from his school. This week is just for bridging so Xavier will familiarize himself on how these things works.

I can’t let him go back to face-to-face class until there is no vaccine yet for Covid-19. Actually, here in the Philippines, it’s not allowed yet for the student to go back to school. So parents can decide if they will enroll their kids to online learning or just wait for the next school year. Since Xavier’s school is well prepared for this online education so we give it a try. We are also at home most of the time so we can really guide him, so we opted to enroll him.

My daughter Irish and nephew Clint is also doing their online studies, so we prepared their laptops particularly for online class. Sometimes, it is just difficult to guide them if they were doing the class all at the same time. So I really have to check their schedules so we can adjust.

This phase is a new way for parents to adjust and this is somehow difficult for parents who are away due to work. It’s hard for them to guide their kids while doing online class. But I know that whatever the reasons of the parents, either they will enroll their kids to online or just stop for this school year, I respect you for that because in reality what we are experiencing right now is really overwhelming. We are so unsure of the future and we have to deal different circumstances in our everyday life. So no matter what your choices will be, don’t be guilty about it, do whatever makes you feel good and that makes everyone around you safe and healthy in this trying time.