Vanity Set

When I saw this vanity set online, I fell inlove right away. It was love at first sight LOL.

I immediately message the seller and luckily it was still available.

When it arrived, my heart skip a beat and it seems that I know these pieces. It seems that I owned this in my past life.

So I am keeping it… these little things somehow makes me feel good in this trying times.

Social Distancing

We went out to look for a new cabinet for my tea sets collection. But sad to say we didn’t find what we were looking for so we ended up eating in a nearby restaurant.

Hubby miss Ramen so much so when he saw a Ramen restaurant we just get in.

This is my order. I didn’t got a chance to take a picture of hubby’s order because he’s quite far from me. This is the new normal. We were sitting on table apart. There will be adjustments with this new normal but it’s okay, as long as it will help us protect ourselves from the virus.

Little Collection

Five years ago, I started collecting some tea sets. I ordered them online through bidding.

When we move to a new place, I stopped collecting since I don’t have enough space for them. I just placed them inside a box.

Lately, I just missed them and let them out of the box. I cleaned them and here they are.

Then I realized that I should find a cabinet to display them and start using them.

Here they are….

I just love looking at them. I seldom use them but I think I should use them often this time.

I remember when I was a kid, my parents bought me those tiny tea cups that I loved to play. When I don’t want to eat, they placed food on my toys so I can eat.

This is somehow a resemblance of my childhood.

Random Things

I seldom went out, I think 2 or 3 times a week unless necessary.

So this time, I went to All Home to get some house items like pillowcases, scented candles and some flowers.

Xavier usually wakes up around 10am and Maui our pet waited Xavier most of the time outside our room. She wanted to play with Xavier every morning. This somehow made Xavier happy every time he wakes up.

The school called us to pick up Xavier’s school from last school year. He is now officially a Kindergarten Graduate. I wish they have their graduation program but due to this pandemic crisis it never happened. While I review his school works, I got emotional, there I see how he had fun in school and this school year he have to stay at home. I know he misses going to school but we really can’t do anything.

I believe that when they will return to school, they will appreciate it so much. They will value each moment.

Home Exercise

Since It is impossible to go to they gym so I decided to have this exercise machine. It helps me become active while staying at home.

I can do this 15-30 minutes 3 times a week. This somehow helps me have physical activity while staying at home. If you want to have this too, you can order at Lazada.

June 1

We are now GCQ so we can now get out if we need something. No more travel pass needed if you are just going within your city. So here I am trying to get some fresh air.

We went to All Home to get some supplies but the store still so hot. The elevator was not turned on and it was hard for me to breath. I can’t stand longer so I need to go back to the car.

It was so humid and hot that day that made it so uncomfortable going out. Some restaurants are still close, so no where for me to go but go back home.

Sweetest Baby

Xavier is so sweet. He loves cuddles before bedtime. Lately, he’s so emotional. He keeps on telling me that he wanted me to grow old so we will be together longer. He don’t want me to die. This somehow made me feel that I should take care of my health because I want to be with my family longer.

That is the sweetest message of Xavier and I feel so blessed to have a baby like him.

How I prepare Myself

When the ECQ was implemented in Rizal, I was so worried. I have so many things to consider and I’m glad that somehow I overcome my anxieties.

So how I prepared myself?

Well, first I slept a lot. I think there were times that I slept 12 hours straight. It somehow feels me good. My mind is more alert and I am not so emotional anymore.

Then, we have plans everyday on what to eat. Hubby watched YouTube videos about the food we want to cook. So somehow it help us focus on something.

Then, I read a lot of books. I think I finished around 5 books already and I still have more to read.

I am also into paint by numbers, when my mind is so stressed out and I want to go out but I know that I can’t, I just take my paintings out and start working on it. I finished 2 paintings already and I am currently working on that horse painting. When I only got 1 painting to do, I panicked, so I checked online but nothing interests me. The sizes are too small for me but I realized that I should order or else I don’t have extra paintings to do. So, I ordered but it seems a lot this time… hahaha I got 11 sets of paint by numbers waiting for me. My goodness, it will definitely last me for 2 years of quarantine. LOL

So anyway, that’s how I cope. Before this pandemic happened I’m not a fan of KDrama or Korean Drama but now I am already a fan. I watched around 4 Series of KDrama already from Netflix and Viu. Somehow, this quarantine help me understand that I should focus on things that I can control and let go of those things that I can’t. Most of all, I spend a lot of time with the kids. I printed some online workbook for them for practices and I have more bonding time with them. Gareth downloaded a lot of stories in his iPad and he loves reading it everyday. He is also swimming everyday in our inflatable pool so he can consumed his energy so he can sleep early.

I think I’ve make it easy… but at first it was really hard. Most importantly, I keep myself healthy and everyone around me. That is want matters most this time. So taking vitamin C is so essential.