Repotting Succulents

After air drying the succulents for 24 hours to 2 days, I need to repot them. I am using the loam soil that I got from a nearby garden shop…

After repotting them, I will not water them for a week. Since, I cut their old roots, I need to stress them to grow new roots by not watering them. Succulents usually don’t need more water because they have stored water through their leaves. If you keep on watering them, it can cause root rot that will eventually kill them. So be careful when watering them. You have to check if the top soil is already dry before watering them again.

Succulents Collection

So here’s the update of my succulents collection.

I never thought that I can collect this much and I am enjoying it.

I can’t stop buying online different kinds of succulents. I have rare and common.

When my orders arrived, I just let them rest for a day and then I will start cleaning them. I throw the old soil and wash the roots. I even cut some of the unhealthy roots and leaves.

Then, I let it air dry for 2 – 3 days then I start repotting them.

So far, there was no casualties. My succulents are healthy and I am so happy everytime I look at them.

Though we are in this trying times because of the pandemic, somehow taking care of my plants helps me makes feel better.

I have less anxiety and I can now focus on my work.

This brings me a happy feeling and somehow it made me feel positive.

I realized that when I am happy, everything around me is good. I am now inspired to work and to make my business grows more.

Planting Time

We are now under MECQ and so far there are increasing number of Covid-19 cases here in my place. It is actually alarming and my anxiety level is now going up. I am trying to relax myself and I realized that I should start planting again. It is indeed my way of relaxation and somehow it helps me a lot.

I browsed online marketplace and I realized that I should start planting roses. Rose is one of my favorite plants and it made me feel happy everytime I see rose flowers. I bought some plants and they are so pretty!

I love waking up each day and checking them constantly. In the previous months during quarantine, I can stay inside the house all the week but right now I have a reason to come out. I need to check them.

I am also collecting succulents and I will post about it in the future. Succulents are hard to take care of, there are rules to follow and I am still learning about them. I started planting succulents and I hope that they will grow and multiply.

So that’s it for now… I am just glad that I have this new hobby and this somehow makes me feel better. Staying at home and thinking about the virus are really frustrating and I know that there a lot of people who are depressed already because of the situation right now but here I am trying to make myself look at the positive side of all these circumstances. There were days that we are unsure of what comes next but I realized that we should find ways to divert our mind so we can have a healthy mind and body. Having a healthy mind is crucial in this moment, because if we had a healthy mind, we can fight whatever is going on in our body. So everyone… make sure that you take care of your whole wellbeing because that what’s matter most this time.

That’s all for now… I’ll see you in my next post. Keep safe and healthy everyone!