Kpop Succulents Repotting

When you received succulents from South Korea, no need for you to cut the roots or stem. You can repot them immediately.

In my case, I let them rest for 24 hours then I repotted them.

So here how they look right now…

These are my first Kpop (Korean) succulents collection and before I ordered them, I also researched on how to take care of them. It’s not easy but if you love what you are doing then it will be easy along the way.

I hope all of them will get adjusted to the weather here in the Philippines and they will continue to grow healthy everyday.

I also hope and pray that all of you are doing well despite this pandemic and I hope you will find a hobby that will make you focus on the positive things.

Have a great day everyone!

Kpop Succulents

Yesterday, after I checked the garden around 7pm, I went inside and hubby saw the DHL package and he asked me if I already checked it… then I remember that it was DHL so it was from outside the Philippines.

I hurried and checked the package and saw that it was from Busan, South Korea! OMG!! I got so excited.. I immediately opened it because I was waiting for it for a month now.

Finally, they are here! I was so happy….

I really can’t believe how these tiny plants make me so happy since I started collecting them.

So, I opened the package and to my surprise the packaging is so perfect, the plants are so healthy and I can’t wait to repot them.

Succulent Air Drying

When I received my succulents, I need to clean it by removing the soil from Benguet where most of the local succulents come from.

After cleaning it under the running water, I need to cut the old roots and let it dry for 1 to 2 days.

After 2 days, I am going to repot them in a new dry soil, then I will place them in a bright shaded area and I will water them after a week.

So that’s it… I will be posting the repotted succulents next time.

Happy planting everyone!

Succulents Collection

So here’s the update of my succulents collection.

I never thought that I can collect this much and I am enjoying it.

I can’t stop buying online different kinds of succulents. I have rare and common.

When my orders arrived, I just let them rest for a day and then I will start cleaning them. I throw the old soil and wash the roots. I even cut some of the unhealthy roots and leaves.

Then, I let it air dry for 2 – 3 days then I start repotting them.

So far, there was no casualties. My succulents are healthy and I am so happy everytime I look at them.

Though we are in this trying times because of the pandemic, somehow taking care of my plants helps me makes feel better.

I have less anxiety and I can now focus on my work.

This brings me a happy feeling and somehow it made me feel positive.

I realized that when I am happy, everything around me is good. I am now inspired to work and to make my business grows more.