New Planter

I ordered a new planter for my succulents and I am so excited for this. I am now taking my time to collect succulents because I am still learning on taking care of them. I keep on watching videos on how to take care of them and so far I am learning a lot.

This new hobby of mine somehow made me focus on the plants rather on the pandemic. It takes away my mind of worrying too much. It made me feel excited on waking up each day and checking my plants and I think that is the purpose on why I started this hobby. For a long months since the lockdown due to pandemic, I just stayed at home. I started to worry and got depressed because most of the time I am just inside the house and just watching news about the pandemic. Sometimes, I feel so depressed that I can’t focus to do my work. I was really affected and there were times that I don’t want to do anything, those things that I love doing was nothing for me. I lost interests in things. Then I realize that I should do something, I need to divert my attention to make me see things differently then planting is a big help. So now that I am really into it, I feel okay and I think that’s what really matters most.

So expect more posts about plants from now on. I will keep you updated for my little collection.

Happy planting everyone.