Random Things

This is how Xavier sleeps, he still sleeps like a baby. I miss it when he was still a baby. I miss carrying him and feeding him when he was a baby. Ngayon sobrang likot at daldal na nya.

This is chocnut. Most Filipinos love this chocolate and since the pandemic, it was not available in the market so everytime hubby went to the supermarket he always hoped to get it and then one day… finally, we got 3 packs!

I love plants but I stop planting when we moved to our new place because there was not enough space. But lately, I have this feeling that I should plant again. So I let hubby remove the car in our garage so we can use it as my garden space. This plant was given to me by a friend as a birthday gift. I am hoping that it will not die.

Cats like to sleep anywhere around the house, they don’t want to use their sleeping beds, so we bought this extra soft bed and I think they are loving it now. That is Bella in her new LV inspired bed. eheheh

We went to Mandaue Foam to purchase new foam for our bed and a new bed for Gareth. The bed his currently using is so old already and he’s not comfortable anymore because Gareth grows so fast. I think we tried going to Mandaue Foam twice but it has long lines, so I never get in when it was long lines. Then we decided to visit on a weekday and luckily there were no lines. So we finally get the items we wanted but they don’t have current stocks. The items will be delivered after 2 weeks….

Those are the random things that happened in my life lately. Actually, not much is happening that is why I don’t post so much. I am busy with my school papers and business so I seldom post.

I just hope that all my readers are safe and healthy. Have a great day!