Deep Thought


Holy Week

I never go out on Holy Week except on Maundy Thursday for visiting churches. On Good Friday, I just stay at home and mostly just stay in the room and be quiet. This is my moment of reflection. I need to reassess my life. A moment that I should look back about my life and see if I am living my life’s purpose. I need to see if I am still align with my life’s purpose. If somehow I feel that I am not on a right path, I should do things to improve myself.

I don’t usually go for a vacation on Holy Week, because I can go on a vacation whenever I want and in this moment I just want to stay away from the crowd and just contemplate.

In the past years of my life, I’ve been through a lot both ups and downs. Happy and sad moments. That’s normal. That’s life. I realized that whatever we’ve been through we have to be ready. We should not wish for an easy life, yet we have to pray that God will give us strength to face whatever life brings us.

Living the Moment – yes, I learn to live in a moment and this somehow helps my depression. Yes, I had that and thankful that somehow I overcome it. It’s not easy to have depression, some people don’t understand it but it is the hardest to handle. But you need to get up from it. You don’t need other people to help you get through it. You alone can save yourself. You need to find out the ways on how to improve yourself, if you hit the bottom you need to get up, you don’t need to be okay everyday but at least try. Don’t overthink. Just live in the moment.

Happiness – my life is not perfect but yet I choose to be happy. I don’t depend my happiness to any material things. If I see my kids and people around me healthy and safe then I am happy. If I know that I fulfill my obligation to my team then that makes me happy. If the business struggles yet we make something to make it grow then that makes me happy. That’s what really matters. Material things don’t control my happiness. I know when to let go of the things or people that can make me unhappy. I am not attached to any material things I owned.

Forgiveness – The true essense of holy week is forgiveness and love. I can easily give love. I have enough love to share. But forgiveness is hard to give. I don’t force myself to forgive if I’m not ready. I don’t pretend to be okay if I am not. But forgiveness is important so you can also live a peaceful life. Most of the time I forgive others silently and just keep them away from my life. Forgiving is not necessary mean that you let them comeback to your life and give them a freedom to hurt you again. That’s not how it goes. You know in your heart that you’ve forgiven them and that’s it. Just be at peace with yourself coz’ that matters most.

Focus – this is my ultimate goal this year. So many distractions along the way but I need to remind myself of my goal. I don’t need distractions affect my goals. So I don’t give sweat on other people’s drama because I have too much on my plate. The goal is never let anyone kill your dreams specially if they don’t even help you reach your own. So think of things that can inspires you and that can help yourself to grow. Get rid of toxic people.