>Unusual Saturday


I woke up late and my husband told me that we don’t have water. I thought it was because of the water maintenance in our area but when my husband checked the water meter it was disconnected. Then we realized that we forgot to pay our water bill. So my husband went to the main office to pay our water bill and that is 1 hour travel time.

While he was paying our water bill I was cleaning the house and then I heard someone was opening our gate and they were looking for my husband. Here comes the “internet guy technician”… i really hate it because my husband should be the one talking to them because he has more idea about those techy stuffs…

I don’t have a choice but to inform them the problem. I patiently watched what they were doing and make sure that I remember it so that I can relay it well to my husband. They changed our antenna and enter different codes and tested our system.

I am alone with Gareth that time. At first he was fine but later on he was sleepy so I need to carry him and let him sleep and so I lost my focus on what they were doing.

Then finally they asked me to check my internet connection… well, there is an improvement but still there are times that I still lost connection but it’s bearable.

The whole thing is really eating much of my time. Instead of working early and finishing my task I can’t do it because of this hassles. I really hate it… but I can’t control it… I can’t do nothing about it but to deal with it.

It was already 5pm when I realized that I never eat my meal. I texted my husband to bring a food because I don’t have energy to prepare it anymore.

Well I learn that I should be conscious of paying our bills on time to get away from all this hassles.

I think I need to be organized in paying bills and if you have any tips to share then bring it on.. 🙂

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