Off To School

Did you know that it’s my dream to take my kids to school, specially with Ayumi. When Ayumi turned 2 years old, I am really looking forward of taking her to school.

I always wanted her at the passenger seat while driving and hear her stories but those things never happened. It really breaks my heart everytime I remember that simple wish of mine.

Fast Forward…

Now I am taking Xavier to school. One time his dad needs to do something and can’t drive Xavier to school so I am the one who bring him to school. Actually his school is just 5 minute drive from our house but it really mean something for me that I have a chance to do it now.

To some parents, it might be an ordinary thing, but for me, it’s really a big deal. I never got a chance to do it with Ayumi and now that Xavier is in the passenger seat and the whole time I am listening to his stories… actually he has a lot of stories that it was a never ending convo with him. I love every moment of it.

This was taken before we leave the house so he was not wearing the seat belt yet.

I am glad that this time he has this habit of wearing the seat belt because he really hates it the first time. We make sure to let him used to it for his safety.


Yes, I was wearing my oversized shades because I was not wearing any make up that time. My eyebrow was not made… ahhaha 

Actually, I was not yet sleeping that time. I was working late for the projects and it was really taking much of my time and energy. But having this moment with Xavier is really something that made me feel good despite of the chaos around me.

This is one of the perks of being a Mom and I think I will never trade this experienced to anything in this world.