ECQ Again in rizal

So here we are again…

The Metro Manila and nearby areas are under ECQ and of course Antipolo Rizal is one. So we can’t go out again but good thing this time is that the business is still operational in full capacity. So, I don’t have to worry in my team but I have to see to it that they are taking their vitamins to protect them from the virus.

I think the best way to fight Covid is to boost our immune system. Sometimes, I feel depressed because of the things going on…

But my husband told me that I should clear my mind or else I will get sick… so here I am trying to divert my mind into something. Yes, I have a lot of things to do business wise but when I am down, I tend to set my work aside… it really affects me.

I worry a lot lately, particularly the safety of my family and my team. My succulent plants really makes me feel so good and back to my sanity. When a new plants delivered and start planting them, it somehow change my mood. It makes me happy. So, as of now, I don’t have plan of stopping planting.

Most of the time, I am staying at home and just going to the office because staying in the office made me somehow feel better. I got a chance to talk to my team and check their work. Eventhough, we went out, I make sure to wear mask all the time and use alcohol to disinfect. Showering everytime we went back home is important also. We don’t let the kids go near to us when we are from the outside. So this is very important.

So guys, make sure to practice those little things because it will definitely help you and your family safe during this time.