Eat Healthy

Most of the time, I am just at home catching my studies.

I need to finish reading chapter by chapter then taking exams.

Everything should be done by October.

In between those crazy schedules I need to eat healthy.

So hubby made sure of that.

He likes going to the supermarket and nearby restaurants to order food.

Wow, feeling pampered always… and I’m loving it.

But sometimes I need to go out earlier than usual and went home late for some meetings.

I have meetings that I need my attention and I hope everything will be okay soon…

This is a very critical month for the business since we are working for our expansion.


And eating healthy food is really important for my well being.

The stress I am enduring right now is way different from the previous years…

At least this time I can see that something good is really about to happen.. I believe that God is working and preparing for the best…

Though this time I know that I am in the right path but sometimes the waiting time is really killing me.

Yeah.. patience…

I think God is making me exercise my patience more before He will provide me those I wanted and needed so much.

So while waiting… I need to sustain my mind and body with good food and thoughts.