Spiritual Obligation

I received a call from SOM and they are asking a favor. They wanted me and hubby to be part of the confirmation of the boys.

Of course I said yes!

Mabuti na lang at maluwang ang sched ko that time.




In reality kailangan ko talaga ng spiritual guidance ngayon. Madami akong hinihintay na deal at medyo nakakastress na kasi ang tagal ng results.

It was so early. Around 9am andon na kami. Mabuti na lang at bumiyahe na kami nong gabi pa lang then just stayed in the hotel nearby.

It is also my chance to visit Fr. Al, my super hero. It’s been a while since I last visited him. Everytime I have something to ask or thanks, I always visits him. I know that he is guiding me in my journey. Alam ko yon kasi kapag gulong gulo na ako, sya ang nakakaalam ng lahat. Sana lahat ng wishes ko this time ay mangyayari.