Diabetes Update

I am not sharing much about my diabetes because I am still focusing on it, but not as worried when I was first diagnosed. After a year of managing my diabetes, I am happy that I finally control it through diet and exercise. Of course there are days that my sugar goes high specially if I am sick but I never lose hope. Everyday is a struggle and with the help of my husband and my siblings I am living a healthy life.

The first few months when I started controlling my carbs intake was terrible. I had sugar withdrawal and it was very hard to deal with. I am happy that I overcome and done that phase. Though right now, I am still a little obese but I lose so much weight already and I hope that next year I can drop extra weights.

It’s not really easy but I am willing to do everything to reach my ideal weight and normal blood sugar. I am reading blogs about type 2 diabetes and I got inspired because they manage to reverse the diabetes. I am hoping that in the near future I can do it too. I hope and pray that no diabetes complications will come my way and that is the reason why I am very mindful in what to eat.

Anyway, I would like to post my weight update:

Nov. 2011 180 lbs.

Nov. 2012 140lbs.


I still need to lose 20lbs. I believe that I can do it. 🙂