Yay! Gareth just turned 12 years old last November 14.

I still remember that day I gave birth to him.

It was supposed to be a weekly regular check up but my OB found out my water was below normal so the emergency CS was performed.

I can’t believe how quick it was done. I was so excited for him, I didn’t feel any discomfort after because all I wanted to do that time was to take care of him.

Then fast forward… it was 12 years ago already!

I am so lucky to have him. Though he’s a special child, it was always easy raising him. He’s always happy and just being by his side is always enough for him.

So here are the simple things we did on his 12th birthday….

Birthday salubong, 12midnight.. we sang happy birthday to him and for the first time he blew his own candle this time.

Then we ate at the restaurant, at BonChon because it’s his new favorite.

While waiting for the food.

Then we had milk tea


And went to church at Padre Pio Church in Eastwood

They lighted candles

We pray for good health and safety always.

I thank God for trusting me to be a Mother of Gareth.


I just love it that Gareth and Xavier loves each other. Gareth knows how to deal with Xavier. I like how much they love and care for each other.

At the church

It was a simple celebration and I love it this way.

Love you my dear kids!