It was just a typical Saturday for us.

Kids were busy with their gadgets. Yes, they have limits in using gadgets specially Xavier. He can’t use his tablet during school time. So the moment he woke up, he asked if he can used his tablet, of course we said no..  he need to eat first and have a shower and do his assignments.

So after he is done, he is inside our room using his gadget.

then Gareth also come inside our room with his laptop. Usually Gareth uses his laptop everyday. That is where he learned to read and do some research. It’s a big help to him. He can now research about anything and to our surprise he can read. So we just let him but of course with time limit too.

While the kids were busy, I was so busy too. I was way ahead to my lesson and I am trying to catch up.

IN between the busyness , we always give time to the kids. I love cuddling them and distracting them in bed while they were so busy.

There you go… that’s our typical Saturday at home.