For a long time, we never had our weekend with the kids. We never got a chance to have our weekend routine because I was so busy that even on weekends I had meetings.

But now, I am trying to make up.

So we had our dinner first…

We had so much meat that night!

then we went to Department Store and Toy store.

Sobrang daming tao sa mall, people were rushing for holidays.

I was still a bit dizzy that day…

but still I made it.

We got our company raffle giveaways.

We got also gifts for Xavier’s school party.

then we let them do the rides to have fun.

then some picture takings 🙂

ayan nagfeeling turista na naman sila.

It was a nice way to make new memories.

I wanted to create more memories with the kids.

Kasi paglaki nila, malamang may kanya kanya na silang lakad. Kaya ngayon pala lang sulitin na.

Yon din ang pinapaintindi ko sa kanila palagi that family is everything. We should prioritize family no matter what.



with my siblings and nephew.

It was fun and tiring…

But I love it…  being with them is simply happiness for me.