Clingy Boys

Since we are new in this house, the boys are quite  clingy, specially Gareth. It is always hard for him to adjust for new things. He cried when he found out that we are not going back to our old place. He keeps on checking on me. He just want to stay in my side. He stays in our room while we were arranging our things.

When I go out to do some errands, he wants to go with me when we don’t let him come to us, he was crying and worried the whole time.

That is the struggle of having a special child, I need to explain to him everything but he don’t get it instantly. I need to constantly talk to him that this is our temporary home.

He is quite sad…

But I know eventually he will get used to it.

On our first night, he can’t sleep. He just keeps on checking on everyone.

It’s been a week since we are here and so far he is now adjusting. He can sleep and quite comfortable already.

He thought that we are just staying here for a day but when he saw that we are arranging all his clothes and setup the computers, that was the time he found out that we will be staying here for a while.