Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019

It was announced last year and I was so excited that they will be returning in Manila after in Cebu and Davao.

So, I know that I should be adding more books specially when I found out that they will be 70-90% discount sale!

So on the 3rd day, we finally decided to come.

We went around 12 midnight and arrived around 1am. No traffics since it was holiday.

When we arrived in World Trade Center in Pasay, it happened that I met a friend. Then we had our picture taking then we headed inside but we need to prepare ourselves for the long queue so had our merienda first.

We had sandwich and coffee first then we started shopping…

Wow!! heaven!

After an hour of checking the books we finally decided to start joining the line to the cashier…

It took us 1 hour to reach to the cashier..


Finally we are near to the cashier.. I was already sleepy. It was already 4am.

Here are the new books! We can’t wait to finish reading it the whole year!

then we reached home around 6pm.

So far, they are more organized this year than in their previous visit in Manila and there were many choices. I so love this book sale and I can’t wait for next time. 😀