After 6 years in High School, finally she graduated!

Yay for those sleepless nights for doing her thesis and other school projects.

I saw her doing her best to complete all the needed school requirements and I think she deserved her award!

She improved so much.. and I am so happy for her. I saw her when she started in this school and she had a hard time. It took her years to finally adjust and finally she made it!

She finished high school with a beaming pride!

As a mom, I trusted her but of course I need to remind her every now and then to be responsible and focus on her studies at the same time she should enjoy the process.

You can never go back to this time ever again so you just need to have fun because in the future you are just going to reminisce this phase of your life and somehow this will be your guide to achieve your future dreams.

I am so proud of her and I hope that whatever she learned from High School will continue to guide her forever. 🙂