Every Father’s day I got emotional. I just miss my father so much.

I miss how he guided me when I was young. I miss how he took care all of us when we were young.

My father is very strict. He is a disciplinarian Father. He made sure that we follow his rules… or else…

This was taken during my wedding day. He was so happy that time because he got a chance to witness that moment.

I wish I can turn back time.. I wish that he is with me during this time.. I wish I can drive him around and show him my driving skills ahhaha and I’m sure he will get nervous.

I wish to show him the office and how I build my business from scratch. I wish to bring him to different restos and travel the world with him..

Oh my.. it just made me sad.

But you know what.. I believe that my father is now our guardian angel, in so many instances he proves it. I know that with everything I have right now, he is one of the reasons. I know he is behind all of these.

I just miss you Pa.

Happy Father’s Day in heaven!