Typical Monday

We didn’t sleep in our normal schedule since we will be going to Toyota Taytay to pickup our car, we leave our car for a week for maintenance.

So I need to be with hubby because we will be using our credit card in paying it. Whew!

I was so sleepy but I don’t want to drink coffee because I know that I will be sleeping after 2 hours.

Our original plan was to use Grab service, but we can’t book a grab early in the morning, so what we did was use our other car and leave it in Toyota Taytay. I still don’t want to drive since I had my vertigo attack last November and I don’t want to deal with other crazy drivers on the road. I want to have a peaceful morning. I don’t want to stress myself shouting while driving! ahhaha

Because of that, hubby needs to return to Toyota in the afternoon to pick up the car we used in the morning. Crazy right? but that was our only solution.

When we reached around 10am and Xavier was still sleeping. I was waking him up because he has school. 

I woke up around 4pm then I saw my boys get along. 🙂

It was a typical and fulfilling Monday…

I am so thankful for everything…