September 4, 2019

Today is Mom’s duty. I need to attend Gareth’s Therapy evaluation. For his almost 2 months in the therapy, he improves a lot and I am so proud of him.

It may be little but it’s so special for us. He now learns to express himself little by little and those little things are so precious to us.

If you have special kids, you will definitely understand what I am talking here.

I hope Gareth can have conversation with me soon about anything, because right now, he only talks if it’s interests him.

We are at the Sunnies Cafe. This was after his therapy session. He’s hungry already. I am just loving this freedom that I can always attend to my kids school activities. 

It was so hot in BGC and since I only slept 5 hours, we headed home after his class then sleep.

I woke up around 8pm for dinner then I need to read my textbooks for this term.