With Gareth

I always see to it to spend quality time with my kids. Sometimes spending an alone time with them is the best way of getting to know them better.

We always set a date with them separately. In that way, I got to know them better.

So after spending time with Xavier, today is Kuya Gareth’s Day Off.

As usual, he needs hair cut so we need to do it first. Gareth don’t like the sound of the shaver his daddy need to control him. He don’t like the idea of cutting his hair. Actually, Gareth has so many things that he hates doing and we understand it fully because he is really sensitive but we need to let him understand that though he hates doing some of it, he should do it because it’s necessary.

As a mom of the special child, I learn a lot a long the way. When I got to know his case, I was so scared that I might not be able to handle it correctly but believe you will eventually learn and adjust.

Gareth is a happy child. He has tantrums but he can control it. Actually, he is now trying to talk to us. He learn a lot of words and he is really trying to talk to us and that is really a big accomplishments for us.

One day, he went inside our room and just say Singapore, then we found out that he saw Shrek, which his favorite movie and later realize that maybe he wanted to visit Universal Studios. So we told him that we will be going to Singapore on his birthday this coming November and he’s so happy.

Anyway, Gareth just wanted to stay in Starbucks and eating his favorite Donut.

Most of the time he is easy to handle and I am very thankful. 

Though he don’t talk a lot to us, but when we go out, he keeps on kissing and hugging me and I think that is more than enough, and clear message that he loves us.

Everyday I am thankful for having him, for me he is a perfect gift from God.