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Weight Loss Journey

For those who knew me really know my struggle of losing weight. I grew up skinny. My weight before I got married was below 100lbs.

But when I got pregnant, I was on a bed rest due to sensitivity of my pregnancy so the result was I gained so much weight. When I got pregnant, I reached 180lbs. It was really frustrating since I was used of being skinny but I accepted my new body but of course I was determined to loss weight.

I had 3 pregnancies already and not to mention that the tummy area is really the hardest to lose. Due to my busy schedules, I can’t regularly go to the gym to exercise. That made losing weight difficult.

Two years ago, after a year of giving birth to Xavier, I decided to start losing weight. I gave my body enough time to recover from giving birth and to regain my energy back. As you all know that having a new baby is really not easy. We have a little time to sleep and of course with all the hormonal changes in our system, I think it’s not the best time to put our body in so much stress. So what I did was just embrace the changes of my system. I just let my body heal. I never did any hard exercises yet I started controlling my diet. I cut off sweets. I stop drinking soda and limit my rice. Cutting rice is not easy since I love eating but I made sure to minimize it. I never cut rice from my diet because I know that I need it to keep me going. I don’t have my coffee frappe from Starbucks everyday, ones a week is enough.

No cakes unless we have birthday celebrations yet I limit myself to just one to two bites. I can’t even finish the whole slice. As you all know that I have diabetes so I need to limit my sugar intake.

Last year, on the last quarter, I realized that I need to start doing my exercise. My body was used to have exercise. During high school, I was so active. I love basketball and swimming and maybe my body is looking for it already. When I was in college, I enrolled myself to the gym just to do cardio and lifting. So basically, I grow up really active and just slow down when I got pregnant. So maybe it’s about time to go back.

I never enrolled in a gym anymore because I really can’t squeezed it on my schedule so I decided to purchase Thread Mill. I decided to have at least 30 minutes of walking and running 3 times a week. Then that is the start…

Before I knew it, I lost weight. I am now 120lbs. So happy with the result but I know I need to lose more, specially in the tummy area but so far I am happy.

I never thought that I will lose weight again and be happy with my body but I believe that if we have to do changes and stick with it then the results will just follow.

I know that my body is far from those celebrities or models we saw in magazines or in instagram but hey, I am a mother who never tried any surgery just to lose weight but I made this naturally. Just diet, exercise and supplements to detox. I think this is enough for me to be proud of and I think you should try it too.

It’s not a quick way to lose weight but having those cardios is a big help to keep me active that I needed so much. So there you go…

Just in time when we went to Maldives, my body is somewhat beach ready..


I think I need to keep my focus to lose more specially on the tummy area so I will be ready on my next beach adventure.

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