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Random Things

Random Things


When Xavier came home, I was sleeping. He went up to our room and said: “Mommy, the sun is up! Get up!” Naku hindi alam ng anak ko na katutulog ko lang. Then he gave the Mango Pie from Jollibee and said “I buy that one for you.” hahaha yon pala galing sa classmate nya na nagcelebrate ng birthday.


Late in the afternoon, while working, I was craving for a soup. It was a cold afternoon and it seems so perfect. I also installed the HOOQ in my iPad, so I can watch Pinoy Movie online. 🙂

Then around 10pm, I had my 15 minute workout.

That’s how my days went on and now I am working again until 5am. I stayed at home most of the time because this is where I can concentrate working.

How’s your day?


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