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My Date

My Date

We went to BGC because I need to meet a friend. It was raining but we decided to go with Gareth.

He seldom go out, so we thought that we should let him have a day out with us.

I met a friend at Figaro. We let him ate rice with longganisa. This is us while waiting for our order.

After at Figaro, we just go around the area and do some quick shopping then we went inside the Fully Booked and got so tired. Then we went inside the Starbucks to have a cold drinks. We never ordered coffee this time since we don’t have plan to stay longer.

We also stayed outside and have some fresh air.

Gareth loves music and spotify is his favorite lately. We installed it to his gadget but since we forgot to bring it, he borrowed my phone while we were enjoying our drinks.

Going out with him is really fun. He keeps us so busy attending him. He also loves to eat and just want to chill. But we never let him stayed in the coffee shop for long because we wanted him to keep walking. He needs to see more people and be exposed in different places.

Though he is a special kid, we wanted to expose him outside his comfort zone. There were days that he just want to stay at home, but we don’t want him to do that. So we decided to let him go with us everytime we got a chance.


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