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Onward — New Book

Onward — New Book

I think I need a break. It’s been weeks that I was so busy attending our new projects, the Furrple and uShopNow, so I finally got a chance to read a new book.

I was browsing a bookstore then I finally got this one. I wanted something that will inspires me and this is the perfect one.

Upon reading this book, I realized that I still have so much to do and what I am experiencing right now is just so normal. As a business owner, it is really normal to experience hardships. Without hardships I know I will not grow wiser and it definitely make me think of something new for the company.

I am somehow thankful for all the difficulties that I’ve experienced so far. I also realized that if you are passionate enough for your business, I think no one can bring you down.

If you are someone like me and experiencing difficulty as of the moment, then I want you know to just hold on because sooner or later, everything will be okay.


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